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Groceries in Andersonville?

I moved to Andersonville in June and I absolutely love it! Quiet, close to public transportation, great casual dining. There is only one problem: where the hell is the grocery store?

There are a few great smaller stores Edgewater Produce, the ME grocery on Foster, the Swedish one on Clark(Wilkersomethings,) but I wish there was a little more selection. I absolutely love Treasure Island and usually make the trip down to the one in Boystown. Is there anything even close to that level up here? And if not somebody please open one. I refuse to go to "the Jewels" and I don't think I'm alone up here.

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  1. As another newish (May 06) resident of Andersonville, I feel your pain. But I have to admit, the Jewel on Broadway at Berwyn really isn't bad. The one on Clark across from Edgewater produce is abominable, though, I'll give you that. But if you haven't gone to the Jewel on Broadway just on principle, I urge you to at least go once.

    That said, no, I haven't found anything better than either Treasure Island, Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. I trek down to one of those every so often, but it's tough to buy too much because I have to cart it back on the red line or the bus.

    1. I agree, the Broadway/Berwyn Jewel is 1000x times better than the one on Clark, but I still won't buy its produce (except for maybe bananas). Edgewater Produce all the way, man. Though not organic, unfortunately, its fruits and vegetables are often comparable in quality to the super-pricey ones at Whole Foods. This week they have fantastic Asian pears . . . mmm . . . Asian pears.

      1. Yeah, the Andersonville Jewel on Clark street is the pits! Even their latest remodel won't change my mind. You must try the Middle Eastern Bakery & Specialty goods on Foster between Ashland and Clark Street. Great fresh made goods.

        Yes, I know that you try and avoid Jewel stores but the one at Pulaski and Foster as well as the one at Wellington & Ashland are pretty decent.

        I resort to driving outside of the area to;
        There's a Whole Foods-like store on Clark street a few miles North in Evanston. Not sure how it is though.

        Also try Jerry's Fruit Market in Niles...it's pretty unbelievable. While you're there, stop by Minelli's Butcher & grocery. Also great stuff. Mama Minelli's fresh made pasta sauces, pasta's, pizza's, meat balls, etc. are quite good as well.

        1. Harvestime Foods
          2632 W Lawrence Ave
          Chicago, IL 60625
          (773) 989-4400

          It is a little farther west, but worth the trip. I believe it is owned by the same guys as edgewater produce. It is bigger, with more selection and has parking.

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          1. Well, I used to live in Edgewater and now that I live downtown, surrounded by Treasure Island, Wholefoods, Trader Joe's, etc, I trek uptown on the bus or Red Line so I can shop in Andersonville's ethnic food stores. Your question "Where is the grocery store" is easily answered: it's Jewel. Why be so uppity? If you need to stock up on staples, that's the place. On the other hand, for olives and freshly baked pita go to Middle Eastern Grocery, for smoked salmon paste go to Wikstrom's, for produce and warm corn tortillas go to Edgewater Produce, for bakery go to Swedish Bakery, for saffron, sour lemon, and dried dill go to Pars Grocery, etc.. And in Andersonville you are 'way closer than I am to the grocery heaven that is Devon Avenue: Devon Market for Eastern European jam, chocolate, and cookies; La Unica for Puerto Rican coffee and big cans of guava nectar; Patel's for spices, naan, mango puree for kulfi; North Water Market (I forget its new name) for ethnic produce and breads; Tel Aviv Bakery for rye bread and onion rolls. Why long for WholePaycheck when you are awash in the best food-shopping in Chicago?

            1. There is an Asian store on Broadway right next to the Jewels, and it is really great. Prices are MUCH more affordable than Jewels (99 cents a pound for ginger vs. Jewel's 3.99), and their produce just looks better. They have thai chiles, lemon grass, just about everything. I go there when I want any Asian ingredients or good produce and Edgewater Produce. Otherwise, Jewel is about as good as it gets.

              1. Also, don't forget about Peapod. If you really can't stand Jewel, Peapod is a really good way to stock up on staples. I really relied on Peapod for heavy things when I didn't have a car.

                1. The Dominick's on Broadway on Thorndale recently remodeled, and it looks pretty nice, although I prefer the Dominicks at Sheridan and Foster because I think it has a better produce selection. Oh, and there's a butcher on Broadway north of the Dominicks that makes their own sausage and generally has really nice selections of meat.

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                    Would that be the one with a name something like Roumanian Sausage Company? Do the sausages have different names? What's garlicky and good?

                  2. Joiedevivre, if you are driving there are a couple of huge stores like the suburban ones---big, clean, well-lit, and well-stocked. One is the Jewel on Ashland at Wellington. Another is the Dominicks where Damen and Ridge come together just above Devon. If you are not driving there is a medium-size folding canvas shopping cart that is very do-able on bus or subway, much moreso than the wire carts---the only source I know is Walter Drake, online. VERY useful---I've worn out about five of them. Go to RTA Trip Planner for help with your route.

                    1. That's not the sausage company that I was thinking of, I don't think. The one I'm thinking of is more of a butcher that happens to make a few types of sausage. It's really close to the Jimmy John's on Broadway. They do make a fantastically garlic polish sausage...yum!

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                        It's :
                        Bornhofens Meat Market
                        6155 North Broadway Street, Chicago, IL 60660
                        (773) 764-0714
                        phonephone | map

                      2. Actually, Romanian Sauage Company is further north in Rogers Park. It's totally Kosher and their meats are the best. My god, get the corned beef for sure. Everything is quality. It's located at the corner of Clark and Touhy.