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Nov 9, 2006 02:33 PM

Your thoughts on Grace...

Thinking of going there soon.

Worth it?

Popped in for a glass of wine one night quite a while ago and found it stuffy. Is it stuffy?

What's the general price of a meal?


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  1. I've always found Grace to be unstuffy myself. The food is always excellent, the service is unbeatable and the atmosphere is comfortable. I have dined there for special occasion dinners, but have also just sat at the bar after work and split apps and a few drinks with coworkers.

    The desserts at Grace are pretty mindblowing, I have to say. If you do go there, get a morning pastry basket to go...nothing's better than waking up the next day to those buttery little pastries!


    1. The last time that I went I had a great dining experience. I had a wonderful heirloom tomato salad for appy, a wagyu beef dish for entree, I shared a carafe of wine with my friend, I ordered dessert and a large pot of tea. My share was just under $90 tax and tip inclusive. I was satisfied. However, the people that I was with were less happy with the meal and service (I thought that the service was good) but I noticed that most of them ordered just water and two appetizers (I don't think that this is a bad practice but Grace seems like the type of place where you want a dining experience.)

      1. I would say around $60/pp (for just food) at Grace. I agree that they have excellent desserts though.

        The ambience there is a bit uppity for my taste (a sort of clash between elegant dining & hollywood scene, given the crowd there at the time)- but maybe it was just that night I was there.


        1. I ate at Grace just once (birthday dinner). The food was very good, but the service was not. The waiter did not pay any attention to us, and we had to ask him a number of times for water, bread, etc. I might go back, as the food was good, but the service did not impress me at all.

          1. I think Grace is excellent. I think it is more elegant than stuffy. The room is really beautiful, and the staff has always been more than accomodating to me. They have a great sommelier, and the desserts are always amazing. I would plan on spending about 100 pp if you are going to have at least a drink or so and dessert.

            I think they are still doing their burger nite and Sunday nite, if you want to go then, I think it is a cheaper entree than most. They also do their 6 course and 9 course tastings on Tuesd-Thursday only, if you want to go all out.