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Nov 9, 2006 02:28 PM

landmarc on saturday night: walk in possible?

i had a reservation at landmarc for this saturday but our group has been downsized below the min. 7 people so i must let it go. since our group is now just 4 and my heart was set on eating here, i was wondering what are the odds of walking in and getting seated within 30 mintues or so? i would be willing to arrive early - like 6pm as opposed to our 8pm scheduled time.

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  1. Based upon past visits, if you arrive before 6:00, you will not usually have a problem getting right in but the earlier the better. I have not been to Landmarc in the last 6 months so I don't know if anything has changed.

    1. The wait can indeed be long, but they will take down your cell phone number and will call you when your table is ready. You can go nearby to grab a drink and come back only when they call you. I would go around 7pm in order to be seated close to your preferred 8pm time. VinoVino is a good wine bar close by and Brandy Library is good for cocktails/scotch.

      1. The original comment has been removed