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Nov 9, 2006 01:55 PM

One night out in Portland, OR?

The ideal dinner would include Pacific salmon and a flight of Oregon Pinot. Recommendations?

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  1. For the flight, try Oregon Wines on Broadway:

    For the salmon...hmmm...southpark? Higgins? Wildwood? Don't really think salmon is in season at the moment as it is not being featured on many menus. You'd have to call and find out.

    Can't think of a place offhand where you can have both at once.

    1. I assume you want your pinot flight at the restaurant and not in a parking lot at 15th and Broadway! Southpark would also be the first place I'd think of and would do a nice pinot fest for you, and they surely make a nice Salmon. Just go to Southpark.

      1. Oregon Wines on Broadway is a fabulous wine bar (and shop). If you have any interest in sampling pinot and learning about the differences between them, you MUST stop there, as I highly doubt you'll ever find another place where you can sample as many different Oregon pinots as you can there. And all at pretty reasonable prices, too.

        When we were there in August, they were offering a choice of a high end and a low end pinot flight. I think the dividing line between the two was the price per bottle, and we got a choice within each category of what we wanted in our flight. It was wonderful.

        We also went to both Higgins and Wildwood for dinner (on different nights) and thoroughly enjoyed both.