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Nov 9, 2006 01:39 PM

restaurants for 20-yr-olds coming in from NJ

my cousins (party of 3) are going to see a show at MSG and want a restaurant recommendation for beforehand. maybe in the village? need a hipster place, but they're definitely not foodies. what to recommend?

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  1. are you lookin for a b & t kind of place

    1. No. I want a cool place, but it can't be too foodie-ish. So for example, a not-too-touristy, but neighborhoody cool place. Does that make sense? Like a Corner Bistro-type place, but with more selections/less crowds. Thanks!

      1. In the Village:

        Spotted Pig, Tartine, White Horse Tavern (a bit touristy, but fun), Otto

        Meatpacking District:

        Pastis, Pop Burger, Pizza Bar, the Diner

        Lower East Side (more of a hipster breeding ground than the Village):

        inoteca, Thor, Freemans, Stanton Social

        I'm sure the food will be all over the place with these restaurants, but they do attract a young, scenester crowd...

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        1. re: cswim06

          Just an FYI...Thor is closed for renovations (its not a good restaurant anyway). I think the LES is too far to travel to get to MSG.

        2. thanks all.

          I am recommending Pastis and Otto.