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Nov 9, 2006 01:35 PM

Great dinner at Munich Rathskeller

While the Weisses Brauhaus is usually our favorite place to go in Munich, there was no getting a table for a group of 10 last Saturday, so we wandered over to the Rathskeller, where I'd never eaten before. Most of our party needed the English menus, but my husband and I knew better -- and indeed found the most interesting stuff on the German version: A page of offerings based on bioorganic ingredients and a special game menu. I tried a dish of thinly sliced pork loin in a green-peppercorn flavored, light cream-enriched sauce that came with excellent spaetzle and market vegetables. My husband had an even better dish: a fabulous wild-boar sauerbraten that used balsamic vinegar in the marinade, accompanied by preiselbeeren and an unusual (and very good) version of spaetzle that included ground walnuts in the batter.

While I'd never eaten there previously, I had been for drinks and so once again explored the interesting and extensive list of wines by the glass: a lovely, spicy traminer and an excellent dry riesling from the surrounding region.

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  1. Good to hear - they must have a new chef. Always loved the room, but not the food - thanks for the info!!

    1. I found it good but just very traditional Bavarian, which can be had anywhere. You're right about it being a good spot for big groups. That's why we chose it. Here's a shot of my huge Schweinshaxe.