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Nov 9, 2006 12:34 PM

Restaurant Ideas for Parent's Visit

I am looking for restaurant ideas for dinner Friday and Saturday with my parents. They fly into Dulles Friday evening, so we are looking for somewhere nearby - perhaps in Tyson's or Fairfax. For Saturday, somewhere nice and good anywhere in Northern Virginia (I was thinking about Evening Star Cafe). Nothing too adventurous - new american, italian, chinese or mediterranean would work. TIA!!

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  1. I love Evening Star, but I would also suggest the Del Merei Grille in Del Ray. I think they have a bit more variety on the menu and my parents LOVED that place.

    There are some nice places in Reston Town Center that make for a good dinner for weary travelers. There is a McCormick and Schmick and Clyde's over that way. Those are pretty near Dulles.

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      Thanks for the suggestion of Del Merei Grille. I remember when it opened I heard good things about it. We'll have to check it out.

    2. Ice House in Herndon isn't far from the airport and a very cozy ambience and I liked the menu last time I was there. I'd call it interesting American food. Entrees, if I remember, ran about $13-$25.

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        Shamshiry in Tyson's, especially if you can order a few meats on a platter and some special rices.

        The GAR offerings? Sweetwater in Merrifield (Gallows and 50) or Artie's just south of Fairfax circle.

      2. At the Fairfax Government Center, I like Rio Grande and Coastal Flats (part of the GAR restaurants). There's also a Rio Grande in Reston Town Center. For mediterranean, I like Aladdin's in Shirlington and Burke.