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Nov 9, 2006 10:21 AM

Hunan Style Food

Anyone know of decent Hunan style restaurant in Los Angeles area?

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  1. Here's a thread on a Chowhound favorite, Hunan's Restaurant, from the owners of Crown Cafe.

    But I'll give you my standard disclaimer for when posters ask for Szechwan and Hunan food: this is Hunan food as in, what they actually eat in Hunan province in China.
    If you are looking to recreate a nostalgic experience of a Hunan restaurant in San Francisco or New York, the places in the San Gabriel valley might not be what you're looking for.

    1. To see another posting and also get a link to photos of the food at Hunan's Restaurant in Alhambra, see link below:


      1. Yes! Hunan Cafe on Sunset/Laurel in the strip mall net to Leamles Theater.It is a mom and pop place and the string beans are to die for as well as everything else. The husband makes it as you order it. It's awesome!

        1. the Hunan cafe is fine, it's not really hunan food.
          For real Hunan (xiang 湘) food, go to Hunan aka Hunan army on colima rd in rowland heights. If you live in pasadena or in the SGV it's not far. If you don't, it is.

          HUNAN WOK
          18406 E COLIMA RD #D

          from Chinese Y Page
          Hunan Restaurant 18406 Colima Rd., #D
          Rowland Heights

          Smoky spicy food, smoked peppers, a bit oily. Very real - chairman mao might approve.

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            Thank you. I printed this out. Will try this weekend.

            Just spent 3 weeks touring Hunan and love the food. Having guests from Changsha in December. Other than my guests cooking at home, would like to be able to take them to a reasonable facsimile of a Hunan style restaurant. Maybe ChuoDoFu on menu???

            1. re: donald Feinstein

              check out the crown cafe related rest and the rowland heights mentioned above.
              there is no shortage of chou doufu places around. Check out the chineseypage website. There's even a place with chou doufu in the name. I don't have time to check now - maybe later.

                1. re: Jerome

                  The chou dou fu place is right near the hunan restaurant.


                  18414 E. Colima Rd., #S2
                  Rowland Heights

                  1. re: Jerome

                    The numbering system around that shopping center is kind of funny. The sign on the tofu place says Dynasty Plaza, or you can just follow your nose.

            2. Also in Rowland Heights is Hunan Restaurant, 1015 S. Nogales #131, outside of the 99 Ranch market. This is the larger branch of Hunan Restaurant at 423 N. Atlantic, #101.

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              1. re: Chandavkl

                T Y. Will try all within next couple of weeks.