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Nov 9, 2006 09:39 AM

Mpls/St.Paul What's up with Coastal?

After seeing that the FDA filed suit against Coastal Seafoods for some sort of noncompliance (vague in the report) on safety, I start to wonder about other places to get nice fish. I've had no problems at Coastal, and have found them to be very helpful, but I would like to branch out.

Has anyone had experience with DragonStar that you would like to share? I have browsed, but have never bought. Tell me why I should buy.

And please speak up if you have had bad fish from Coastal, since they're always my first choice.

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    1. I also am curious about Republic of Fish. The one time I have been over there I thought they had kind of an interesting selection, but have wondered what percentage of their stuff is fresh (never frozen). Their "sushi grade" tuna looked to be the same as that available from Lunds/Byerlys which I not be inclined to trust as being that good for raw consumption.

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      1. I have been very happy with the live crabs, clams, oysters and mussles at Dragon Star.

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          I've never heard of Dragon Star. Where are they?

        2. We purchased sushi grade tuna from Republic of Fish this past weekend and were quite happy with it. The selection is small, I'm assuming because their business isn't extremely predictable quite yet.

          1. I like the Wedge very much for their fish, seems always to be
            very fresh even though the display is not the most beautiful.
            I've gotten excellent salmon, trout and halibut there, actually
            have never been disappointed with any fish I got there, whereas
            I've gotten salmon at Lund's that tasted 'refrigeratory', and
            at Whole Foods I often smell a fishy smell near the display.
            Coastal often smells like bleach when I walk in which I find to be unappetizing. Being an olfactory person , this affects my
            choices of where to shop. Republic of Fish didn't seem very appealing to me either, kind of smelled fishy there and prices seemed very high. Any fresh fish seller has to have rapid turnover of their product or it will not be fresh and tasty
            for the customer.