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West LA Mitsuwa renewal? Santouka????

Hello all:

I heard that Mitsuwa is closed down right now for rennovations...

Before I ask any questions, I will state that according to somebody i know who is a japanese immigrant living in torrance...Santouka ramen will be coming to the West LA Mitsuwa. Considering Santouka is by far the best and most authentic ramen in the mainland US, I'd say the prospect of Santouka opening in West LA would not suck...

Now to my question:

Has anyone heard anything concrete? Rumours?

I'd like to officially start the rumour that they will be opening a Matsuya in hope that it may miraculously come to fruition...

Thanks for looking

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  1. I was there last weekend. It wasn't closed, but severely reduced. I saw where the new ramen palce is going in..and I think it was a Santouka the old owner said was replacing his shop.

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    1. re: Diana

      did you see what is closing?

      I need to make a run there

      take care

      - P.

      1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

        I went by yesterday, and while I didn't walk in, the entire marketplace seemed gutted, workmen carrying things out, old fixtures, etc. Still, it's listed on the Mitsuwa website. I cannot imagine they will have the entire place up and running in a few weeks, but, hey? Miracles happen!

      2. re: Diana

        I hope it's not the Gurume shop that's closing (the one next to the appliance store).

      3. From what i heard, the entire market is closed...

        1. I just got back and the interior of the market is closed and most of it is gutted. Tampopo is still there along with the place next to it and the place next to the gadget store is there. What I think is changing is Kanda Udon and Soba But don't quote me on this since it was closed and I poked my head in.

          They will reopen on Nov. 17th according to the sign

          Take Care

          - P.

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              Oh gosh!! I hope it's for santuka... I just went to the Mitsuwa today in Torrance hoping to get some Ramen, but I was on a lunch break and needed to get it to go and they won't DO it!! ARGH!!!!! I ended up with Ebi curry instead from one of the stands... yummy, but I wanted Ramen...


          1. I think the remodel is long overdue. The Torrance Mitsuwa is such a fun and stimulating market with "stuff" going on; we happed upon a Japanese pancake road show direct from Kobe last weekend there! It sounded like a food carnival! The West LA one badly needs some energy. I can't wait to see the change!

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            1. re: liu

              I couldnt agree more...

              The Torrance and Costa Mesa branches are so much better than West LA, everytime I'm there I drool in envy.

              However, I dont know exactly how much they can really do to liven things up given that the West LA location is tiny in comparison.

              *crosses fingers*
              *excited to have just moved to within walking distance of Mitsuwa West LA*

            2. Wow, the Rameniac will be happy to hear this.

              1. what is santouka??? is that a supermarket chain?

                1. It's a ramen shop chain originating in Japan. There's one in the food court at Mitsuwa in Torrance. Many think it's the best in L.A. Great firm noodles, broth with lots of depth. I really hope this is true, along with the rest of the ramen fiends on this board; it would be sooo convenient to have a location in West L.A.

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                  1. re: alexfood

                    Wow, I have been to both and never paid attention to the name of the ramen stores! Thanks Alex~

                    1. re: miffy

                      You may not be able to read the name, since the signage (at least at the Costa Mesa location) is in Japanese only

                      1. re: Professor Salt

                        oh that is not very nice-- how can people figure out the name so that they can tell others or go back there!

                  2. I just got an official update...

                    Mitsuwa is now open...THe market was remodeled...there is a new japanese video store now...

                    Gurume and the Udon shop are still there...Miyabei is under construction...

                    and MOST importantly...

                    SANTOUKA IS OPENING 100% IN PLACE OF TANPOPO...But it wont be ready for a little while...Prolly December =(

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                    1. re: ronnie_gaucho

                      WHOOO!!!!!!!! HOO!!!!!!!!!!


                      1. re: Dommy

                        *puts on running shoes to beat dommy to santouka*


                        1. re: wilafur

                          i am so freaking happy! i just hope its still good! less dense japanese population is a little worrying...

                    2. Do the Mitsuwa stores have the same restaurants in the food courts? The names sound familiar (I eat at the Costa Mesa one).

                      So... if the names are the same, maybe Mitsuwa owns the restaurants too?

                      1. Any news on when Santouka is opening??

                        1. Last time I was at Mitsuwa, they told me sometime next month. Can't wait for some decent ramen to finally come to the westside!

                          1. awesome awesome news for sure! i usually make the drive to torrance (like uh, every weekend) but this will open up the santouka experience to a lot of people i've been pestering...


                            1. I love Mitsuwa, especially the plastic food displays in the food court which is so kitchy.

                              1. Does anyone know if Santouka is open yet? I'm dying to try!

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                                1. I made a new post regarding this...

                                  it will open 12/13!!

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                                    Yeah, I saw it RIGHT after I posted. Thank you for the info :)