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Nov 9, 2006 07:18 AM

Wedding Anniversary today in OC

I know there are MANY posts about great OC restaurants, but I would appreciate if you could refer a great meat & potatoes locale. My husband is not very adventurous, so many place I would definitely consider for myself are out the window.
Many thanks!

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  1. How about a parade of beef, Brazilian BBQ style? Waiters walk around with different cuts of grilled beef, skewered on swords, and slice off as much as you ask for. It's a fun way for carnivores to enjoy a non-American style of all you can eat red meat without getting too exotic and "icky."

    With your set price meal comes two buffet lines, where you can help youself to cold and hot dishes. I'm pretty sure there's enough potato variations in there among the veggies, smoked salmon, salads and the like to keep your DH happy. There's enough chowy goodness to keep things interesting for the adventurous eater, too.

    So with that, I suggest Agora Churrascaria in Irvine. Nice looking room, suitable for a date w/ your husband, or entertaining business clients, even. It's not a top tier "special occasion" type place with prices to match (e.g. Splashes or either of the two OC Mastro's locations), but I'm not sure that's what you're asking for. Is it? A little more guidance, please.

    1830 Main St
    (SW corner of MacArthur. Oddly enough Main & MacArthur intersect twice, you want the intersection east of the 55 fwy)
    Irvine, CA

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    1. re: Professor Salt

      I second Agora Churrascuria . . . if you love meat . . . this is the place.

    2. What area in O.C. I you are near Newport/Corona Del Mar, I would suggest Banderas. Simple but great menu.

      Ribs, mashed potatos, coleslaw and amazing corn bread.

      1. Soprano's in Costa Mesa is fun, intimate, inexpensive, and has both familiar pastas and "adventurous" items like osso buco. The lamb shank is a must try. Good place if you want a relaxed, romantic evening.

        Soprano's Italian Restaurant
        2400 Newport Boulevard, Suite A4
        Costa Mesa, CA 92627

        I second Agora, although you'll probably spend twice as much. Some of the items, like the pirahna or crocodile, might be a bit too much for your husband.

        - Chubbypanda

        1. Try The Ritz Restaurant in Newport. Great steaks, veal, special osso buco. Nice place for a special evening.

          1. Bungalow - Corona del Mar - it's perfect for a special occasion. Steaks/Fish/Martinis & much more. Ask for a booth.

            Husband & I split an amazing Porterhouse Sat night & still had 2 small steaks to take home in a doggie bag...