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Nov 9, 2006 01:11 AM

California Dogs changed owners

[The Chowhound Team split this post off from its original place in a discussion of Mozell's, here:
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whoa, scary psychic abilities there ... i was just insomni-sizing last night about checking up on mozell's relocation status, spooky. in other "closure" news: swung by california dogs near city college today and found out they changed hands in mid-october. the menu's been changed. no more "california dog" there, so i just had a regular dog and fries (now steak-fry type). no love was tasted in the dog or fries, the dog has changed into a smaller, generic-lookin thing with not much character, swimming in a way-too-big bun. but it was considerate that the decent bun was put in a panini type press before the dog was added. and they took out the hawaiian cane sugar soda fountain. while not quite to the heartbreaking level, it's still too bad this one couldn't stick around to help raise the level of reasonable-priced meat-in-casing-food in the city.

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  1. Hey ken, thanks for the update on Calif. Dog, never made it out there to try it. Tag, you're IT for the next call on Mozell's.

    1. Really too bad to hear about California Dog. The owner was a very pleasant young guy who really cared about his offerings. Doesn't sound like the new menu merits another visit, though.

      1. Yeah, I was disappointed when they changed.... I liked the guy and the food. But, I can't eat hot dogs every day!