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Nov 9, 2006 05:05 AM

Best of the taco places around Eastern and Broadway in Fells?

There are like 10 of them. Any opinions? I'm not really interested in atmosphere, as I'm only looking for exceptional (preferably pork) tacos.

PS- Went to La Cazuela for lunch today for the 1st time. The hostess couldn't have been nicer and the food was great!

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  1. I really like Tortilleria on Eastern Avenue!

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      1. Cinco de Mayo is quite good, and they have at least two kinds of pork tacos among their many selections. (I like the Al Pastor variety best. The chorizo is also very good.) For $2 each, they are served with lime, sliced radish, and both green and red sauces, which I would rate inferno and apocalypse, respectively. The place is also a butcher shop and convenience store. But be warned -- English is not spoken, the flavors are not dumbed down for the American palate, and it can take a long time to make your fresh taco. Worth the wait, in my opinion. Oh, and are you looking for that Lizano sauce you enjoyed in Costa Rica? Guanabana nectar? Powdered shrimp? It's here.

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          OK- So I'm going to try this place this week. Anyone want to post in Spanish how to order 2 pork soft tacos, one with green and one with red hot sauce?

        2. Quiero dos tacos al pastor, uno con salsa verde y uno con salsa roja. Or maybe "Quiero do tacos de carnitas" depending on the type of pork they have. Pretty sure "taco de puerco" will get you smirks as they visualize a live pig squirming around on a plate.

          1. So, where is Cinco De Mayo exactly?

            1. Cinco de Mayo is on Eastern Avenue, one block north and one block east of Whole Foods. Be aware that the price of a taco has gone up to $2.50.

              My knowledge of Spanish is limited to ordering in restaurants, but what else does a Chowhound really need to know? You needn't ask for the sauces, as they give you one of each with your order. When you come in, you can say "Buenas" (Hello) to the girl at the counter. As jmasek reported above, "Quisiera dos tacos 'al pastor', por favor" (I would like two 'al pastor' tacos, please) will do just fine. She will smile at your silly American accent. Substitute a different flavor for 'al pastor' if you don't want the marinated pork. She will ask you something like "Todos?" (Is that all?) and "Para llevar?" (To go?). There is a little seating area in the back, but I've never used it. If you are still in the mood to say thank you after waiting 20 minutes for your order: "Muchas gracias".

              Of course, you could just point to items on the menu and say "Dos de estos" (Two of these.) ;-)