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Nov 9, 2006 04:44 AM

Grill Lyon in Little Tokyo


I'm going to party at Grill Lyon in a couple of weeks. Any recommendations on entrees to try?


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  1. duck breast with orange suck (grand marnier).

    the ravioli filled withe shrimp (more like wontons)

    kobe-style ribe eye with sauce bordeaux

    filet w/ sauce bordeaux

    breaded steak in a tomato sauce.

    lamb chops with pepper spices, desserts here are not that great though.

    oh, and the daily soups are usually pretty great, i'm presuming right now it's a pumpkim soup.

    a very underrated joint, get desserts almost a few stores down at frances bakery, great franco-japanese desserts along with tremdnous chocolates and truffles.