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I think its Dots Cupcakes (Pasadena)

i was driving on Arroyo Parkway, and if you look to the East-side of the street JUST south of houstons and Del Mar, just past their parking lot, there's a cupcake place. Dots cupcakes i think its called? is it open? does anyone know anything bout it????

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  1. i drove by last week and there was a crowd of people outside having cupcakes... looked like perhaps a little opening party? then my mom tried to go there on monday but she thought it looked closed, and that someone was doing some construction inside.

    IMHO dot's is opening on the tail of a tired trend, plus where will people park??

    1. 400 S Arroyo Pkwy next to Houston's. Parking- a few doors down in ex-furniture store parking lot next to Chandra, or on street depending on time. Sign on door: "Opening November 17". Small interior looks like it hasn't changed since it was a car rental place. Didn't see any display cases.

      http://www.dotscupcakes.com/ describes it as "Sweets, Events, Gifts" and has basic info, no details.

      Amandine writes "IMHO dot's is opening on the tail of a tired trend." I'm seeing a continued increase in places offering cupcakes. Why do you think it's a "tired trend."? I realize this is LA and often trendy trumps good, and for those driven by being hip and trendy, what's hot & what's not must constantly change. But for most of us, who may care somewhat but not much about what's trendy, cupcakes are a timeless comfort dessert, baked sweet snack. If kids and I like 'em- that's good enough for me.
      Now, I'm off to Violet's- 21 E. Holly, Pasadena, for what I plan to make a cupcake Friday fix tradition.

      1. Today is their first day open. I just bought a half dozen cupcakes to try.

        Vanilla Chocolate
        Chocolate Chocolate
        Red Velvet
        Pina Colada

        Early last week I walked in to see a menu and the owner, Hailey, was very sweet. She didn't have a printed menu on hand, but took my email and promptly sent the following electronic version:


        I have yet to bite into one of these, so I will let you all know how they stack up to other local favorites (i.e. Violet's) and overpriced mainstays (i.e. Sprinkles).

        1. Yeah!, The place has opened!!!! And it's packed. I never knew there would be so many people wanting cupcakes?? I went in and tried the Pina Colada and Red Velvet. They were both very good, on par with Sprinkles! Parking is allowed at the hotel. I love cupcakes!

          1. i had the lemon and vanilla. honestly, i didnt like the presentation. it wasnt pretty. and the mouth-feel of the cupcake was too oily. i have to give it to them for trying something new, but they werent that great.

            1. I have to say that I'm way over sprinkles. They're a tad too sweet for my taste. I hopped in to this cupcake place and I really liked not only their presentation, but the cupcakes. The proof is in the pudding and I tried the chocolate on chocolate and red velvet. Both were great. Moist, nice frosting, not too sweet. I'd definitely give it a try. A close second to Violet's in Pasadena.

              1. So I have to be honest, the first time I tried this place (see post above) I wasn't impressed at all. The cake itself was dry, the frosting wasn't creamy, almost brittle.

                I gave it another shot this afternoon and wisely only picked up ONE. Devil's Food with a whipped cream frosting. It was SO GOOD! The cake was rich, not too sweet at all.

                I noticed that Hailey now pipes the frosting, which provides for a much better presentation than the initial half dozen I tried.

                Highly, highly recommend Dots. Dare I say, even more so than Violet's?

                1. I just went there, Sunday, 12/3/06. The owner is a friend of a friend. I am not a cupcake fan, but I ate my vanilla cupcake with buttercream in nearly one gulp, and it was delicious. They have regular sized cupcakes and minis, with flavors such as vanilla-vanilla, chocolate with cream cheese frosting, and red velvet. They also have flavored water (pear, pomegranate, cucumber, etc.). I think it is a nice place, and I hope the business is successful. It's easy to miss the small shop on Arroyo Parkway.

                  1. I just went and I was unimpressed. My red velvet cupcake was too dry although the candied sesame seed on top was a nice touch. I like Auntie Em's better.

                    1. I tried the red velvet on Sunday and I agree that it was dry. I thought it was a couple of days old by the taste. I wasn't impressed at all and thought they weren't worth the money.

                      1. I went to Dot's Cupcakes today and I had the Red Velvet cupcake. It was very tasty and moist. I think the store is really cute and cozy for a nice cup of coffee and a cupcake. Highly recommend it for anyone who has a sweet tooth!

                        1. Red Velvet is not their stand out.

                          Apple Pie is a spicy, yummy, unusual flavor.

                          And Pina Colada is incredible with a moist pineapple flavored cake topped with a generous amount of fresh toasted coconut.

                          iluvcake, I agree the place is super cute.

                          1. Tried them this evening - maybe would have been better earlier in the day, as the "cakes" were uniformly dry - and the frosting had dried to the point of being crumbly on several of the cakes. We tried the vanilla/vanilla, vanilla/chocolate, red velvet, chocolate mint - flavors were fine, if not terribly exciting.

                            Service was pleasant and helpful, presentation was fine, cute store design, prices were a bit high.

                            We ended-up tossing-out over half of our order, sadly. Too dry for redemption. Don't know if we'll go back.

                            1. i tried them the other day and ill have to disagree with you Elsiedee.. the cupcakes i got were all very moist and delicious. .the red velvet was phenomenal and i loved the chocolate mint cup cake, and the mocha cup cake was pleasant. and i absolutely loved the shop very cute and the staff friendly. i expect them to do well and definitely give other bakerys a run for their money

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                                It may well be a matter of the timing, Pastrychef, as I said in my post - I went later in the day (between 5 and 5:30, IIRC) and their "on display" stock was somewhat depleated (I saw several large racks in the back of the store, with cupcakes ready for restocking) - I may have just ended-up with cakes that'd been sitting in the display case for too long. Perhaps if I'd been there at some other time, or if my order'd been filled from the (presumably fresher) stock on the carts, I wouldn't have been so disappointed.

                                And, as I said, the flavors and presentation were fine - my issue was with the dryness, which may well have been a result of non-attentive rotation or storage, or it might have been my bad luck.

                                I am glad to hear that you had a good experience.

                              2. Went on Sunday. They had just sold everything but the red velvet. Quite moist. Good frosting. Nice place. As I get it, all the cupcakes are $2.75 each.

                                1. We were just discussing the cupcake trend at a NYE party last night. One of the "trendies" said it's all about the gourmet donut, now, and that cupcakes are out. LA - we abandon so quickly.

                                  Since some of the respondents said the RV was moist and some said dry, I wonder if it depends on how soon after baking them that you taste one...? Anyone ever try Buttercake Bakery's on Pico, 2 blocks east of the Westside Pavilion?

                                  1. I went back to Dots last week, to see if it was a matter of timing (see my upthread post); this time went in the mid-morning - purchased four regular-sized and four mini-cupcakes. Full-sized flavors: chocolate/chocolate; chocolate/vanilla; vanilla/vanilla; red velvet. Miniature flavors: chocolate/chocolate; vanilla/vanilla.

                                    All of the full-sized cupcakes were again on the dryer-end, though not nearly as bad as on my first visit - however, the cakes were moister than the frosting, which again was quite dry (the vanilla, especially - it was crumbly when bitten into!). Of the miniatures, the cakes were actually moist - and the chocolate frosting was perfect. The vanilla frosting was again dry.

                                    As before, flavor was fine, service was reasonably efficient and quite friendly. But I'm striking out on the cupcakes, overall.