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Nov 9, 2006 04:43 AM

I think its Dots Cupcakes (Pasadena)

i was driving on Arroyo Parkway, and if you look to the East-side of the street JUST south of houstons and Del Mar, just past their parking lot, there's a cupcake place. Dots cupcakes i think its called? is it open? does anyone know anything bout it????

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  1. i drove by last week and there was a crowd of people outside having cupcakes... looked like perhaps a little opening party? then my mom tried to go there on monday but she thought it looked closed, and that someone was doing some construction inside.

    IMHO dot's is opening on the tail of a tired trend, plus where will people park??

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      1. 400 S Arroyo Pkwy next to Houston's. Parking- a few doors down in ex-furniture store parking lot next to Chandra, or on street depending on time. Sign on door: "Opening November 17". Small interior looks like it hasn't changed since it was a car rental place. Didn't see any display cases. describes it as "Sweets, Events, Gifts" and has basic info, no details.

        Amandine writes "IMHO dot's is opening on the tail of a tired trend." I'm seeing a continued increase in places offering cupcakes. Why do you think it's a "tired trend."? I realize this is LA and often trendy trumps good, and for those driven by being hip and trendy, what's hot & what's not must constantly change. But for most of us, who may care somewhat but not much about what's trendy, cupcakes are a timeless comfort dessert, baked sweet snack. If kids and I like 'em- that's good enough for me.
        Now, I'm off to Violet's- 21 E. Holly, Pasadena, for what I plan to make a cupcake Friday fix tradition.

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          1. Today is their first day open. I just bought a half dozen cupcakes to try.

            Vanilla Chocolate
            Chocolate Chocolate
            Red Velvet
            Pina Colada

            Early last week I walked in to see a menu and the owner, Hailey, was very sweet. She didn't have a printed menu on hand, but took my email and promptly sent the following electronic version:


            I have yet to bite into one of these, so I will let you all know how they stack up to other local favorites (i.e. Violet's) and overpriced mainstays (i.e. Sprinkles).