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Nov 9, 2006 04:37 AM

New shop in Beverly Hills... will donuts be the next cupcake?

Today's dailycandy spotlighted Frittelli's Doughnuts that just opened in Beverly Hills, with 40 varieties including lemon poppyseed, Vermont maple, green apple fritter, and other high-brow sounding donuts.

If you ask me, I think the cupcake scene is getting a little tired (do you agree?). I'm wondering if donuts are going to make a comeback... weighing weight consciousness vs. fact that americans really aren't all that weight conscious, that consumers are always going after gentrified fads, and donuts have that retro appeal going for them.

Do you think an upscale donut shop in Beverly Hills might be the start of the next old-is-new thing?

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  1. it might be the same thing that sprinkles did for cupcakes, and what a dreaded thing it did do for cupcakes.

    hopefully, the donut joint will be great donuts (aka quality) over cool surroundings (aka style).

    suffice it say, one cannot chomp down on style alone.

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      1. All I want is for NYC's Donut Plant to come to L.A. They had a yuzu donut, a PB&J donut, and a chocolate that blew me away.

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        1. re: alexfood

          yuzu donut?? wow. would love to try that.

          funny, because my husband was just saying last month that someone should make gourmet donuts, and here it is.

            1. re: LisaN

              and it's awesome along with a Reese's peanut butter cup donut, really great stuuff, but more than a week's worth of fat and calories.

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