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Nov 9, 2006 04:18 AM

New Jumbo, U Burger

New Jumbo, Chinatown, Boston

Bright and spiffy after a renovation. New owners, but same kitchen and waitstaff as the previous Jumbo.

Good salt and pepper eel, thin golden brown batter, the eel still retaining a bit of its chewy texture. Nice touches of spiciness from chopped jalapenos and ground red chilli.

Also satisfying was the pea shoots with a white spongy bamboo pith fungus.


U Burger, Kenmore Sq., Boston

A decent burger, could use more beefy flavour in the patty, but overall, considering the price, it's ok. Not exactly In N Out, but not bad.

Onion rings are pretty good, battered and fried to order. The batter is light and thin, would have liked it fried a tiny bit more, but that's a quibble.

An ok black and white milkshake, certainly a lot of it. The chocolate syrup doesn't rock my world but the milkshake is thick and smooth. Might try the mint oreo one next time.

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  1. I like Uburger. There are very few good burger options in the BU/Kenmore area so Uburger is a welcome addition. Their variety is great (chicken too), fries are awesome (I would compare them to In n Out, as they are fresh cut and crispy), and while the burger patties could be bigger, I have no quarrel with their "beefy" flavor. They use real meat, which may be why it isn't "beefy" enough for some (whereas other fast food places add flavor to their meat). I definately recommend it.

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      The best burgers I've ever had used "real meat" --I like Uburger but agree the taste could be a little beefier. They supposedly use fresh ground chuck which is really the best way to go for a burger, so I'm not sure why the burger isn't as flavorful as it could be. Maybe it just needs a little salt and pepper?
      Either way, it's a welcome addition to the Boston burger field and though it's not quite In N Out, it's pretty close. And the fries can't be beat.

    2. Another thumbs up for UBurger. The burger is just good, really, but the fries are outstanding. They will also, unlike most fast food places, cook to order.

      I like a medium rare uBurger with extra spread and extra pickles, fries, and a frappe. That is a great meal.