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Nov 9, 2006 03:36 AM

Has Bronx Pizza in San Diego changed or is it just me having a problem

When Bronx Pizza opened I was one of the first to try what they had. Loved it! I loved the crust, flavor but the biggest draw was the ability to buy one or two slices at a time. While I could do that back in Minnesota, it was unusual here in San Diego. At Bronx Pizza we could order a whole pizza or pick out several different slices to make up a pizza.

Last night I did not have time to preorder a pizza and found out that we could no longer order different slices for the price of a whole pizza but had to pay a per slice rate. When did this change? The person behind the counter was rude, mumbled prices (asked him twice the price and I swear he said $40 each time). For being the one handling food he did not even look clean. I gave him a $20 and got no change back. I left feeling I didn't need to go back there again. Am I the only one having this problem?

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  1. I went there on Friday night, and observed a few people working in the back, a guy with a beard who was nice and another guy who was tall and kinda looked like a thinner loui anderson. This fellow seemed a little rude and perhaps a little slow. Was this the guy who served you?

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      This was a tall, very heavy set fellow - could have used some basic grooming. Anyone who handles food with his hands (even with gloves) should look clean. However, more than the person - when did Bronx start charging by the piece for a whole pizza?

      I agree with Mimosa in her comment below about Luigi's. That has been where I have been getting my pizza lately. However, Bronx was closer to my destination. I didn't want to go to Luigi's then have to come north again. It will probably be awhile before I go to Bronx again.

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        I don't think Bronx charges by the slice for the whole pizza unless you want the equivalent of a whole pizza made up of slices of other pizzas. I can see why they would do that, it's more labor intensive to assemble a whole pizza that way, especially if the pieces aren't pre-cut.

        I know the guy you mean, the tall, heavy-set guy - he's always like that. Part of the "charm" of the place.

    2. Your experience sounds like standard operating procedure at Bronx. The help has been surly every time I have been there but I think it is part of the *mystique* of the place. That never bothered me as much as the product, which I think is mediocre.

      1. I still find them to be the best Pizza in San Diego. I have found them to be extremely generous with my young son. The Louie Anderson looking worker has always been very nice to me and my family.

        1. We used to be Bronx fans but we moved east about 2yrs ago and discovered Luigi's. Better service, better product (IMO) and a lot easier access. I always hated the parking, or lack of it, at Bronx.

          Have also tried Gotham in Golden Hill and it's acceptable, though second to Luigis.

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          1. re: mimosa

            I would'nt mind eating at Luigi's but the place is filthy and so is the help

            1. re: Rocco

              Wow-that's harsh! I have never eaten there, just called ahead and taken to go. That said, I've always found the staff to be efficient and friendly and for working next to a hot pizza oven, not terribly sweaty folk. And the health department seems to disagree with your assessment, given the A rating in the window.

          2. Kind of off topic, but for those who don't know. One of the guys who worked at Bronx (15 years I believe) has recently open his own place w/ his brother in the UTC/Miramar area, on Miramar behind Carls Jr. I'll give it thumbs up, nice varity of slices avaiable, good service, quality pie.

            Bongiornos New York Pizzeria
            6780 Miramar Rd
            San Diego, CA 92121

            (858) 566-8646

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              Thanks for the tip. I will check it out.

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                This is good to know. I have friends at Scripps Ranch so when we order pizza I will suggest this.