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Nov 9, 2006 03:31 AM

Favorite dish at Swan Oyster Depot??

I am finally heading to this SF landmark! Never wanted to brave it on the weekends, and I finally have some time off to go in the middle of a weekday. That said, any specific recommendations? I'm actually not even a fan of oysters-- all other seafood though, yes.

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  1. Start with a small bowl of clam chowder then go for the classic Crab Louis salad.

    Pity you aren't an oyster fan...

    1. Just about everything there is simple and good quality, and the menu is not that extensive. I've never been particularly impressed with their lobster, it's fine but always seems a bit bland. Otherwise, crab, clams, clam chowder, and smoked salmon are all usually very good. They sometimes run out of crab, which is painful. The salads are just ok, they pile seafood on top of iceberg lettuce and offer a couple dressings. Personally I prefer multiple seafood cocktails and oysters, maybe clam chowder if I'm in the mood.

      1. Crab cocktail!!!! make your own sauce.. I can eat 3 of these.

        1. Swans used to be great when it was just a regular hole in the wall place to sit down and eat average, albeit fresh, seafood.

          Nothing special there with the exception of fresh seafood which you can buy and make at your house for 1/5 the price. Forget the hype, and buy an oyster knife and head for Tomales Bay.

          1. You should be aware that Swan is not a restaurant, but a seafood market that serves from a short counter with incredibly uncomfortable stools. The food is great, but the only thing hot is the chowder. Before the local crab season starts, you will get Washington or Canadian crabs. When crab season starts, don't knock Fisherman's Wharf...while touristy, you can get good fresh crab cheaper than Swan.