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Nov 9, 2006 02:30 AM

Anything out Manassas Park way?

Or is that an official dead zone?

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  1. There is Chez Marc on Rt. 28 nearby. Or up the road in Centreville you have Sweetwater Tavern and the Bonefish Grill. The latino chicken joints in Manassas are also worth a try.

    1. Chez Marc has been praised by someone whose opinion I trust, but I have not been myself. THere is also a sushi place near there that was reccomended to me but I hven't tried that either.

      There is a Mexican and Salvadoran place near downtown Manassas that is okay. Mi Tierra iirc. Near the CVS. In a strip mall near there is an Italian place, Panine (?) that has loty aims and prices but fell a little short in my opinion. If I were more patient and more well-off I would keep trying with them because I bet there are a few really great things on the menu. And the dessert tray looked fabulous. Further into Manassas proper, over on 234 in the strip mall with the Kmart is a Viet Namese place, Saigon Gourmet iirc, that is okay. Good eggrolls, pretty good pho, the rest of the menu is okay. DO NOT bother with the pho place next to the Home Depot unless you want to take one for the team and see if they got better. I was very unimpressed with their pho, althoug I will say that the egg rolls were prettily presented.

      Carmella's in downtonwn Manassas is supposed to be good. The Thai places there, not so much.

      There is a pupuseria in Manassas Park that looks promising but I have not been there yet.

      Good luck! Let us know what you find!

      1. It has been some time since I have eaten there, but I rather enjoyed Panino Restaurant at 9116 Mathis Ave in Manassas. Italian. It is in pretty run-down strip shopping center, but do not let that fool you. It is (at least was) among the better restaurants in the area.

        1. That's the one I called Panine above. I only went once, and I ordered the fritto misto and it was a little eh, which I thought was unfortunate at the price. Also my soup was too salty and service was a little awkward.

          That said, the place seemed very well-intntioned and the dessert tray really did look fabulous. I expect that I will be back, if only b/c my son's ballet class is nearby. If I could afford to I would go often and really drill into the menu to find out what's good there. I bet they have some gems.