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Nov 9, 2006 02:14 AM

Kosher Thanksgiving in Brooklyn?

I'm looking for a Kosher restaurant in Brooklyn that will be serving a Thanksgiving menu and would be able to accomodate a large group (12 people).

Unfortunately due to travel restrictions we can't consider anything in Manhattan, Queens, Long Island or Jersey... Just the Midwood/Flatbush/Boro Park nexus.

Any recommendations?

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    1. Essex isn't an option, unfortunately. A family member had a bad experience there and although I'd like it, I don't think it will fly past the relatives. What other options are there in the area?

      1. Most places have turkey on the menu, so go to any fleishig place where they have turkey and order it! I'm a fan of Kineret Steak House on Kings Highway or Island Grill. Of course, those places are Israeli food, but they're excellent. Otherwise there's really nothing American except in Chinese places like Shang Chai and China Glatt that happen to have some American items on their menus.

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          You really like Kinneret? I tried it several times in its first two years, and never had a meal that I considered good, rather than merely adequate. The only reason I kept going was that it was the only place I knew that offered mejedra as a side dish, but even the mejedra wasn't all that good, so eventually I stopped.

        2. Is Jerusalem Steakhouse still open?

          1. For a real retro experience, why not try Gottlieb's restaurant in Williamsburgh. I haven't been there in years, but I have a strong suspicion thst they haven't updated their decor since then.