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Crustation Restaurant?

I haven't been to Crustation in sometime now?

Is the food still good-any suggested dishes to try?

Thanks in advance,


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    1. Crustacean?

      Bleh. Overpriced, greasy, stingily portioned, and not even that pretty a restaurant.

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      1. re: Pei

        Agree except I would add, arrogant hostess the one and only time that I went.

      2. It isn't "still" good because it wasn't ever good. The garlic noodles and the crab are about the only two things worth eating there.

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        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          i thought even those two items are atrocious here.

          the garlic noodles supposedly excessively greasy and gloppy and the crab the same too.

        2. Definite no - hostess & waiter were both curt-bordering-on-rude (I'll admit that we were a bit under-dressed for the occasion, but it's in Beverly Hills shopping district- I'd imagine they'd be used to the tourist business!)

          I also had their infamous crab & garlic noodles -- noodles were too greasy and crab didn't really knock my socks off (which I'd expect for $40-50 a pop). And agreed that MUCH better can be had in SGV for WAY less.

          I suggest at looking at some other places (not sure if you're looking to dine in BH, that type of cuisine, or another fine-dining restaurant.)


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          1. re: AquaW

            Exactly. The only thing we actually enjoyed were the appetizer assortment, but it was something atrocious like $20/pp. They even charged for my cousin, who was 5 at the time. We asked if she could just eat a few pieces of her mom's share and the server actually gave us a hard time about it!

            And charging an extra $10 (I think) for the kitchen to crack the crab in a few places? My parents' eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

            It was my dad's birthday and the first big extended family meal that I paid for with my first paycheck from a real job. I picked it because a friend said it was her favorite, and "The most beautiful restaurant in the world." This was a friend who ate at all the best places in LA with her family, so I trusted her! I was ready to hit people when we left.

            1. re: Pei

              Haha don't get me started on the crab-cracking - we got seated at the lounge and that was the ONLY way they'll serve it out there.

              "Then why weren't seated in the dining area?"

              "Because you got seated here."



          2. Crustacean's only redeeming quality is the rather cool koi ponds that line the walls and floor, but even that decorative "look" has become a bit dated and bordering on complete kitsch ...

            1. I personally haven't been there but i don't get it, it get killed on every post so how is it still in business? Is it just a place to be seen? But there's more trendy rest than crustaceans...

              1. I've been a couple times... Aside from the crab and garlic noodles, nothing was particularly memorable to me (including the appetizer stuff). I really like the garlic noodles, though, and don't find them greasy/gloppy at all. They have a nice sweetish taste that complements the garlic and I find them a good counterpoint to the greasy/gloppy crab.

                Staff isn't particularly friendly, and I do agree that it's outrageous that they charge you $10 to hit the crab a couple of times with a hammer. The crab itself is pretty good quality-wise, but nothing you can't find at Redondo beach or elsewhere (I do like the sauce, though).

                I think the place survives because it's in a good location and is a "novel" restaurant compared to what else is available in BH. Trendy, and it has a fun interior. I don't plan on going back anytime soon, though.

                1. I've been to Crustacean five times, on other people's dimes, except once when a friend really wanted to go. Four of those times I had the crab because there's nothing else on the menu I wanted. Each time, I don't understand why that crab needs to be cooked behind locked doors (supposedly because the preparation is a family secret), because whatever the secret is, it's not worth finding out. I don't like my crab so dried out, and the flavor is certainly not extraordinary to me.
                  Those garlic noodles swim in butter before they arrive at your table.
                  The only good things about the place are the "river" in the floor and crossing the bridge to get into the dining room, and the lively bar. I'd go back just for the bar, but not to dine.

                  1. I am always amused at the vitriol that gets spewed the second someone mentions Crustacean.

                    And here's more!

                    Crustacean was one of the worst dining experiences of my life. I was treated like a second class citizen, which I can excuse if only the food was good, but it wasn't. I echo what others had said about the garlic noodles. It tasted like Top Ramen. I spent $100 for two people, and I felt really duped, stupid, and depressed afterwards.

                    The drive back from Beverly Hills was a quiet, sulking one.


                    1. Have to add to the vitriol. Crusctacean is truly terrible. Rude, indifferent service and bad food. And I don't mean not good enough for the price, I really mean not good at all. The fish I ordered was really greasy...and I don't even know how that this possible, given that it was not an oily varietal or fish and it was not fried. I am amazed how they stay in business, with bad food, bad service, and high prices. Their only redeeming quality is that it is in a very pretty space.

                      1. I went to Crustacean once several years ago and was astonished by the prices and by the one hour wait after we made reservations. While the waiter was nice enough, he assumes you want bottled water when you ask for water and charges you for his mistake. I thought the food wasn't bad, but didn't plan on returning for a while. I think this restaurant treats you the way Hollywood treats you: if you're incredibly beautiful, famous, or flamboyantly wealthy, you'll get good treatment; otherwise, go to *#&*!