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Nov 9, 2006 01:26 AM

New Chocolate Shop in the South End

Just discovered a new chocolate shop that opened in the South End a week or two ago on Pembroke Street (corner of Pembroke and Tremont). Got a wonderful dark chocolate bar with pistachios and sea salt. Also some great truffles (I liked the milk cherry but have several more left to try). Worth a visit... unfortunately the fact that it's around the corner from my house may lead to some weight gain:-)

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  1. Great! Thanks for the tip -- will have to try them soon. Do you know if they make their own chocolates or if they get them from somewhere else?

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    1. re: limster

      They make their own chocolate.

    2. Also, is it just a shop, or a cafe as well? Thanks!

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      1. Anyone know the name of the shop?

        1. Choco Choco House on Pembroke near Tremont (adjacent to My Nail Salon).

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          1. re: fondue

            Oh! They've been around online for a few years. I've ordered their cute handbag chocolates for gifts before online. Can't wait to see the store. Someone told me they make chocolates that are sold at Cuchi Cuchi, the tapas place, but I can't confirm.

            1. re: bee

              They do make them for Dali, and since the owners of each establishment are married (last time I knew they were still married <g>) one could assume that Cuchi Cuchi uses Choco House as well.


            2. re: fondue

              Actually, I think the name of the place you ran into is ChocoLee...we just ran into this place last weekend, wandering around the South End. We bought a bunch, which I'm still eating every day for breakfast (!). Then, we happened to wander over to a wineshop, Brix, that was doing port tasting with ChocoLee stuff. Phenomenal chocolates. I wish I lived closer!

                1. re: Joanie

                  Nothing like replying to a post from 2006...

                  Nevertheless, we discovered Chocolee for the first time this weekend (2008). It's run by a lady that was the pastry chef for Maison Robert. Absolutely fantastic and fresh eclairs even better than Beard Papa's. And, of course, a very nice selection of hand made chocolates.


                2. re: Shooley

                  Choco Choco was the previous tenant -- whose owner has reportedly returned to focus on work for Dali and Cuchi Cuchi.

                  ChocoLee opened last February at the same address.


              1. As I'm sure you already know, 'they make their own chocolate' CAN be alot like 'they make their own icecream"; absolutely no assurance of quality. With so many ready-made components available to the ice cream and chocolate and baking entrepreneur, the term 'handmade' is most often very misleading. and intentionally so. i'll look forward to more posts about this place.