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Nov 9, 2006 12:51 AM

ISO dinner delivery in Mt. Washington

If I have Dominos one more time I will surely die, or at least feel very ashamed of myself. (Who knew they could screw up those fudgems things.)

Are there any other places that will travel up the hill to Mt. W?

We've only been able to find Dominos, Pizza Hut, and a horrible, wretched "pan Asian" (actually, it was prob Thai but they had pork fried rice and beef with broccoli, go figure.)

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  1. Sicha Siam on Eagle Rock & York is pretty decent Thai (or was when we last tried them last year). Italiano's for pizza on York. While inconsistent, they're a good choice for a monster 36" party pizza. There's also the taco place on Fig in the high 30s (10 tacos/10 bucks) - they deliver (if they're still around). Panang on Colorado might deliver, but not sure. Decent Thai.

    1. Tazzo's, the taco place that delivered may be gone. I tried to call last weekend and the number was disconnected. A real loss. I've just had to steal myself with the self discipline that meals must be arranged in some fashion before I drive up the hill. After 14 years, I'm pretty well trained but there will be the occasional lapse. Sicha Siam isn't really bad and the folks are sweet. Also, Israel, at Mom's tamales, will deliver a batch of my favorite tamales in town, if he has the staff, to Mt. Wash. If you are willing to get in the car and go down the hill, the options are plenty. Just keep them in mind before you ascend.

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        Tazzo's still delivers. Maybe it's not Tazzo's anymore- the place on the north side of Fig between Marmion and the ill-fated coffee house, right?

        They've just started serving b'fast, which is good but not as good as Abeja. I kinda found their dinner menu a little limited...are we ordering the wrong things?

        1. re: julietg

          They either changed ownership and/or the name. I used to like the carne asada tacos. Havent tried the new incarnation and dont really like La Abeja much. Few spots on York that are good.

          1. re: ickster

            Tazzo's is now Raul's. No delivery. But the b'fast is pretty tasty, and the menu has improved substantially.

            Still looking for delivery, though....

            1. re: julietg

              Tazzo's - then Raul's closed :( and now it's open again and called The Chile. only been there once. I don't think they deliver. For some reason I forgot my spanish and thought I was ordering their "original" chili - so I was surprised to get in the car and be looking at a really large burger with their original sauce. I wondered why they looked at me so strangely when I ordered rice with it and not fries - hah. It was alright - the eating area is enclosed now and has a t.v. I would try them again for breakfast I guess if La Abeja was too crowded...

      2. I've been in the same boat as you for years. There's honestly not a lot of options. I'm guessing the "pan Asian" place you're talking about is the Thai spot on Fletcher. I've actually had some decent dishes from that place -- also some lame ones. I've always believed that if a quality Chinese delivery or Italian delivery spot opened up close to Mt. Washington, they'd make a killing.