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Nov 9, 2006 12:10 AM

Italian place in Paso Robles? Or?

a friend recommended a really good italian spot in paso but could not remember the name. she said it was a couple blocks off the main square, but very good northern fare and nice staff. Does anyone know what it is?

barring that, i'd love to try somewhere new. We did the French place last night, which I liked, and the Grill, which I thought was just ok. Any other ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Could your friend be talking about Buona Tavola?
    It's on Spring Street, next to the Melody Ranch Motel.
    Frankly, I've had mixed experiences there. I'd go back, but not with enthusiasm.

    I still haven't gotten over the closure of Alloro. Now that was a great Italian place in Paso.

    1. Matthew's at the Paso Robles airport is a very worthy choice in this area too - still haunted by their rich mushroom appetizer - other items hit and miss but everything about this place is fun to explore and talk to the staff about their obvious love affair with food and creative culinary exploration.

      Got voted best "fly-in" airport by private pilot's association. Take Highway 46 East towards Fresno to the Paso Robles airport from Highway 101, only short way out of town. Very nice, intimate dining room with great windows out to the flight line - private planes only.

      1. Here is the latest. Matthew (of airport fame) is opening a new restaurant downtown (where Muddy Springs used to be). I had one person tell me he'll open on Thanksgiving but no one else confirmed that.

        A franchise of We Olives, which is located in downtown Paso and specializes in olive oil, is opening in Fresno at Figarden Village. I think opening is set for the day after Thanksgiving.

        A new place called Artisan is open cattycorner from Pasolivo. I had "dinner" at the bar last night. (Actually I probably had more wine than food but that's another story.) I had tuna tartare and later had their cheese plate. The cheese plate comes with four small samples and the pairings were excellent. They were: cow's milk with starwberries, Point Reyes Blue cheese with figs, Petit Basque with olives and ash layered goat's milk with honey walnuts. Their espresso was also excellent. It was fairly busy for a Monday night.

        1. I wanted to add, that yesterday in Atascadero I found a small operation where they roast their own coffee beans. These are the people who make the espresso that Artisan uses. As I drove back my car smelled wonderful.

          1. i think the original post is making reference to Gaetano's-- a newer Italian place in Paso Robles on Spring and 17th streets. Great outdoor seating, very local wine list and rich main courses. Highly suggested. expect a long, fun meal with great service.