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Nov 8, 2006 11:57 PM

Good Chinese on Grand Ave? Name of restaurant...

I seem to remember someone mentioning a good new Chinese place on Grand in Oakland. My sister and BIL live there and I wanted to give them the name because their choices in that area are not so hot....Am I making this up or is it a real memory?

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  1. I don't remember such a tip, and it didn't come up the last time restaurants on Grand were discussed:

    There's something about that neighborhood that seems to favor mediocre restaurants.

    1. Hmm. Must be middle-aged hallucinations again...

      1. Robert's right, though I am hoping this is starting to change. DiBartolo and Mezze are nice starts to reversing the mediocre. We just need more! I would love a good chinese place. I almost died when they put that horrid grand lake express in on Lakeshore. Why people eat that horrible excuse for food I will never know.

        1. Are you thinking of the Old Place Seafood Restaurant? I ride the bus and pass the place all the time and it seems pretty busy. It's not high-end and looks marginal. I can't say I've tried it, but a few co-workers have gone there for the dim sum and says it's pretty good. Here's some positive reviews on Yelp:

          FYI, it's on Grand Avenue but in the area before you hit the Grand Lake Theatre. It's closer to the lake than to the theatre.

          1. The one I go to is Hunan Village. I would not say it is great, just good, but it beats all of the others in the neighborhood. It's one of those places you are never excited to go to unless you really crave Chinese and do not want to fight for parking in Chinatown...