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Nov 8, 2006 11:43 PM

Best Tiramisu in SD?

Where is it? -Let's not get anything that's off the charts in terms of prices.

Thanks in Advance,


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  1. Antica Trattoria in La Mesa. Intersection of Lake Murray blvd. and Baltimore Dr.

    1. Barolo in the UTC area

      1. For a bargain-priced version, there are two good ones in Little Italy. One is Cafe Zucchero. Desserts there are very affordable, and very tasty.

        Two is Assenti's Pasta. They only sell it to-go, but it's excellent.

        Both places are on India St.

        1. I know Busalacchi’s and The Godfather are proud of their Tiramisu and I like them, but I prefer the Tiramisu at Mona Lisa’s on India Street. It’s dense and a tad soggy at bottom when compared to the aforementioned, but I prefer the taste of Mona’s.

          1. Barolo in UTC area has the very best.