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Nov 8, 2006 11:23 PM

Game Bird Source In Calgary

My husband and I interested in trying to replicate a quail dish we had at Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar in Toronto.

We tried our local butcher and the Currie Barracks Farmer's Market to no avail so we tried Cornish Hen instead which did not measure up.

Where do we find quail or phesant short of hunting it ourselves (not an option!)?

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  1. Hello,
    You can buy pheasant (frozen) at Bonton Meat Market and Second To None meats. Quail is available (frozen) at superstore, as well as other places...

    1. Second To None Meats in Calgary sell (frozen) naturally-raised pheasant from Flintshire Farms (of Flinton, ON) and also (frozen) naturally-raised quail from Nipissing Game Farm (of Callander, ON). The quail comes 6 per package and is semi-boneless. I spoke with Bob (the butcher/owner at Second To None Meats) and he said they can also get in Guinea fowl. I love how they get their product from the small farms and as local as possible. Their products are all listed on their website

      1. Not in Calgary, but you might also be able to get pheasant (frozen) from Dirt Willy Game Bird Farm & Hatchery, just outside of Edmonton. They don't raise and sell quail, though. I understand that he does ship frozen birds out to other locations.

        1. Cornish hen and quail or so completely different that it's not surprising it didn't work. I'd hazard duck or even rabbit- similar texture to quail.

          Meantime of course there are plenty of sources for quail in Calgary as other posters point out.