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Nov 8, 2006 10:57 PM

Cassells burgers???

I've heard of Cassells, though if I'm in the mood for a burger I just can't seem to grow tired of In-N-Out burger. Is Cassells worth the change?


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  1. A site search resulted in this listing of several Cassell's threads.

    1. Cassell's burger is wonderful and the funky condiments like pineapple, cottage cheese, excellent potato salad, wonderful mayo make my mouth water. But, one thing to keep in mind--Cassell's burger is a kind of purist burger in the sense that all the beef is prime and the ingredients individually are terrific, but biting into it, it doesn't quite meld together like an in-and-out or even a tommy's. I love the burger but it's like a basketball team with great individual players rather than a team with players that complement each other.

      1. If you're a burger fan you owe it to yourself to try Cassell's. People differ on it, but I love their big meaty burger. It's a totally different experience from In-N-Out and not really comparable.

        I like a patty melt, medium rare, with pickles and homemade Roquefort dressing with a scoop of the famous horseradish potato salad. Whatever you get, definitely specify medium rare or you'll get it well.

        1. Right on, Sku! Cassels makes GREAT burgers. Not quite the experience and taste of The Bucket in Eagle Rock, but worth the drive. It is not In-And-Out (probably the best fast food burger and non-frozen fries). Cassels is in a non-descript store front on 6th Street, a block and a half west of Vermont. There's only street parking, but that's usually not difficult. You communicate your burger preferences directly to the cook, watch the grilling process and then add condiments yourself from the well-stocked supply. Even at lunch there's no waiting. Ambience is the real deal: gritty L.A. You will find a panorama of Angelenos chowing down, from truck drivers to Suits. Cassels is not open late (closes at 4 PM Mon to Sat) and closed on Sundays.

          3266 West Sixth

          1. One recent thing about Cassel's, they just opened the Koreatown branch of Pinkberry's just a couple minutes' walk further west on Sixth. Next visit soon, I plan to go to Pinks, buy a cup to go, and walk over to Cassels, enjoy a burger, and have the Pinks for dessert. The clean, fresh taste of the Pinks should be a refreshing counterpoint to the heavy, 'greasy' burger.