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Nov 8, 2006 10:33 PM

unlimited budget, one night. in phoenix - where would ya go?

yea, i live here and i know my way around the restuarant scene, but still wanted to ask.

i have an open invite for tomorrow night, and while neither of us want to bother with a jacket or tie or heels, we're always up for trying something new. also, just because the budget is unlimited doesn't mean the best food will stretch the budget. we've enjoyed dinner at diamonds, and i was thinking durants, or maybe coup des tartes, which neither of us has tried.

we used to do convivo, but not in its most recent ownership. is this olive and ivy place worth it maybe? read recently about the stink of the water, but how serious is that.

the new wrights maybe? did lon's recently, it was nice enough.

suggest away.

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  1. Well if $$$ really is no object...we had a very nice meal at Binkley's last month. Here's my review from that evening

    1. coup des tartes is great - tried it recently for a birthday dinner with friends. we shared a couple of the appetizers - including a really nice one with brie and apples. i had the salmon, which was great, and if i remember correctly, the lamb was particularly good. ambience is very charming and romantic. fyi, it's byob.

      1. T. Cook's at the Royal Palm Resort. Soup to nuts and everything in between. It is a great fusion of Southwestern and Mediterranean that works well. The interior is delightful.

        1. I agree that T. Cook's would be an outstanding choice, and if this is on someone else's dime, perhaps you could enjoy the tasting menu.

          1. really don't want to head into scottsdale (unless like maybe along camelback).

            thinking sophies... or durants. not really sure.