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Nov 8, 2006 10:31 PM

Help me feed my dad

My dad is coming to visit next week. He loves food. A lot. Where should I take him? I want to stay in and around South Brooklyn — Coney Island to Prospect Heights, say. No fancy 5th Avenue stuff. I want to impress him with awesome Pakistani or Greek or Thai or Russian or Indian or African — food he can't get where he lives. And I'd like it if the places weren't total dives, but weren't super-fancy. Anything on the order of 5 Stars Punjabi (but in Brooklyn) would be about the minimum level of niceness.

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  1. Pizza? Totonno's or Difara
    Chinese: World Tong, Avenue U in Bensonhurst
    Chinese/Fujien: Sheng Xiang Seafood Restaurant 5318 8th Avenue
    Vietnamese: Pho Tay Ho on 86th St in Bensonhurst
    Caribbean on and near Church Ave.

    1. The ol' man might enjoy great Turkish at Taci's Beyti on Coney Island (Ave U vicinity). Lots of threads in here review it. It's glaringly lit and has cheap formica tables but is quite clean and the cosmopolitan patrons provide great ambiance for out-of-towners. BYOB.
      Afterward, you might head down the street to the somewhat more upscale Güllüoglu (1985 Coney Island) for Turkish coffee and fab baklava that is flown straight in from Constantinople.

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        I was just going to recommend this place. That's a perfect description. The beyti kebab is outstanding.

        It was reviewed in the NY Times last year -

      2. Thanks! It looks perfect.

        Any other suggestions? bobjbkin (and others): can you recommend a sit-down place for Caribbean on Church (or near there) that I could take him?

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        1. re: are_you_gonna_eat_that

          This is not my expertise, but if I had had to make one suggestion for sitdown Caribbean, it would be Nio's at Rogers & Church. I've never had a bad dish there.

        2. I think you need a Banh Mi lunch at Ba Xuyen (8th ave. & 42nd St.)