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Nov 8, 2006 10:16 PM

Delfina - Menu Changes?

I have a reservation at Delfina in a few weeks and was casually checking out the menu online. Noticed some staples that have been offered since Day One missing. Notably: white bean salad with calamari or shrimp, roasted chicken entree, and the steak frites entree. Plus, one entree yesterday was $34...around 40-50% higher than their normal entree prices. When did this happen? I have no doubt I can still eat well but I was a little surprised.

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  1. The $34 entree is a veal chop (likely some fancy grass-fed sustainable), that's a pricy item and rather similar to the usual steak. And they've got rabbit, which is similar to chicken.

    I think their prices are generally unchanged.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Point taken on the veal, and yes, I thought the other entree prices were quite reasonable. It was the missing mainstays that really got my attention.

    2. I have yet to visit Delfina but am hoping to after the new year.
      What really impresses me is they update the menu daily on their website and I can't recall any other restaurant site doing that.

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      1. re: oysterspearls

        Chez Panisse updates their menu daily (that is, the Cafe is updated daily and the full week's downstairs menus are updated weekly). But you're right, it's very rare. I'm happy when a restaurant updates their menu once a week.

        1. re: Morton the Mousse

 updates the cafe menu erratically. For example, today it has last Friday's dinner menu.

 updates its upstairs dinner menu daily.

 updates all its menus daily.

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            I know Oliveto's website says that they update their menu daily but the time I went the online menu was not correct.

            1. re: rosie7477

              Only the upstairs dinner and dessert menus are updated daily, usually around 5pm. The date is at the top of the dinner menu so you could tell if it's not current. It always has been when I've printed it out as an appetizer.

              The breakfast, lunch, downstairs dinner, and dessert menus are all samples updated only once in a long while.

      2. I was there 2-3 weeks ago when both the steak and chicken were on the menu. One interesting menu 'occurance' was a dish I was interested in was on the menu T-4, T-3, T-2, then pulled the day before. It was back on meal day (though they mis-identified the bitter green/red they used).

        As to price, can't restaurant dollars go elsewhere.

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        1. re: SteveT

          Delfina was excellent as usual last Friday. They had a special Tajarin, which is Piedmontese pasta, with White Truffles. Perfectly done and lovely, but the Pappardelle with Duck Sugo is still best dish there imho.

          1. I ate at Delfina a couple of nights ago, and indeed some of regular dishes were not on the menu for once. But they were having a special Emilia-Romagna menu with new dishes meant to pair with wines from that region. Looks like the chicken and the steak are back on tonight's menu, and the veal chop is gone. Most of the other regular menu items were available that night (Salt cod mantecato, Insalata del campo, Spaghetti with plum tomatoes, Tripe alla Fiorentina).

            The white bean salad with grilled calamari or shrimp was not on our menu, and it's not back tonight either. That was only the second time I've eaten at Delfina when it wasn't on the menu at all, I wonder what that is about. If it's gone for good, it will be sorely missed.

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            1. re: Malik

              I do hope it is not gone for good, it is one of my Delfina must-haves. Here's hoping.

            2. is Delfina expensive? Has anyone tried the pizza next door?

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              1. re: long island cheese

                The prices are in the menu, see the link in the opening post.

                There have been lots of posts about Pizzeria Delfina: