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Nov 8, 2006 10:16 PM

Bad Experience at SF House of Bagels

I went with high hopes as per info on new owner and sandwiches...but the breads looked as dull and tired as egg wash...not even on the lone naked/seedless pallid challah...
Strike one!
Ordered a "Not Lean Pastrami" 8 ounce!!! deli mustard....predominant taste was salt...texture was like of the worst I have had in the city...
Strike Two!
Bought a poppy seed hamentasch it was OK not great...
Ball one!
When I anxiously heated up my KASHA (!! yay!!) knish..I took a bite and discovered it was actually Potato!!! in the garbage
Strike Three!
The bagel flat...usually crispy and chewy...wasn't...
Strike Four!
After heating the bagel flat up in the toaster oven to restore some semblance of the original, I opened my container of whitefish salad....predominant taste salt! With a secondary hit of smoke (which I didn't mind) just no flavor of fresh whitefish!
Strike Five!
Heated up a frumpy looking bagel....hardly any chew and not much of a sheen!
Strike Six!

Does that make 2 outs???!!!....($29.00 later)

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  1. I bought a mixed dozen bagels (plain and egg) there about two weeks ago. They were tough (WAY beyond chewy) and had been baked too long (dry).

    So bad that I started baking my own water bagels and it's easy and the results have been great.

    1. I actually forgot to post this, as I was sick.

      I woke up with a terrible sore throat and felt the only thing that could solve it was a big bowl of salty matzoh ball soup. So we went to House of Bagels around noon. They had no matzoh ball soup, in fact the guy working behind the counter was so confused by my request that he had to ask someone else about it. So we ordered a small order of latkes to go, and I stepped outside to figure out a new soup plan, while my boyfriend waited inside. The potato pancakes were horrible. I found out they had thrown them in the microwave to reheat them (didn't see it myself to stop them) but even without the limpness that caused, I doubt these would have been good. They had no discernable flavor, not even potato, other than vegetable oil.

      We wound up going to Miller's East Coast West deli where the matzo ball soup existed and was very salty (perfect for me that day, but I don't know if it would always be delicious) and the potato pancakes were very good and had flavor. Not the best soup and latkes I have ever had, but definitely enjoyable.

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      1. re: Meredith

        I also have had a number of good/acceptable experiences at Millers...
        for chicken soup like Gradma's with unborn eggs, I just go to Hung Ky (maybe the Vietnamese are the ten lost tribes???)...I LOVE that place!!!

      2. We had a houseful of New Yorkers after a family bar mitzvah this weekend and they considered the bagels acceptable (unlike most in SF) and the whitefish salad fine.

        1. I lived next door to HoB years ago and loved their bagels, though not much else that they offered. Went back a few weeks ago early on a Saturday morning to pick up a dozen for a house full of hungry guests and was sad to see that so much had changed. I didn't know that it had been sold.

          As others here, I thought the bagels were overcooked, I was disappointed that they were not warm so early in the morning and irritated that they were packed in plastic, not paper. And I was stunned that the girl (18?) packing them threw my blueberry bagels (they didn't even have any raisin-feh!) in the same bag with the onion and everything bagels. Very bad bagel form in my book.

          Sad, sad. So where can one get a good bagel in this Noah's-infested land now?

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          1. re: Pistou

            I had heard that it wasn't actually sold, but the son of the previous owner took over.