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Nov 8, 2006 09:52 PM

Restaurant in Flagler Beach Area

My husband and I have friends who go to Florida each year for the winter months. They live in a condo in the Flagler Beach area. We'd like to give them a gift certificate to a restaurant in that area. Can anyone advise as to suitable choices? He is a vegetarian; she'll eat anything. They both like seafood and ethnic cuisines. Any help as to a good choice would be greatly appreciated, contact info would be helpful as well.


Pattie in St. Louis, MO

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  1. Contact European Village, it's a condo/resort on the Intracoastal (the bridge just before Flagler Beach). They have a variety of restaurants, from cafe to upscale, and lots of shops too. I wouldn't be surprised if you could give one gift certificate that could be used everywhere. I haven't eaten there, but there's a place there called Barbara Jean's that's gotten high marks from several people I know.

    Unfortunately, this board is very thin on Flagler rec's. I hope to change that as I'm moving to Palm Coast early next year. ;-) If your friends have a car, it's more than likely they spend time in St. Augustine, which is only half an hour away, so that's another option -- maybe something for a stay at a bed and breakfast? Almost all of them are online now.

    1. Thanks for the great information. Yes, they do have a car, so perhaps I'll investigate places in St. Augustine as well.

      1. Blue in the Topaz Hotel on Flagler Beach is some of the best fare in the county. Twenty minutes south on AIA in Ormond is an excellent small chain called Stonewood Grill. You can buy gift cards online at

        Good luck!

        1. Thanks for the help. It's great to know gift cards can be purchased online. One of the two places you mentioned will probably be our choice.

          1. re St Augustine, you might check out La Parisienne in the restored downtown. Excellent for lunch or dinner.