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Grove in LA

Help....I need a place to meet some old friend for dinner in the area. Any recommedations. There will be kids going with us so please keep that in mind.


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  1. Flame me, but I like Wood Ranch BBQ when I'm at The Grove.

    1. Go over to the Farmer's market area... there is LOTS to choose from... :)


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        I know you posted this before but any place that comes to mind. Remember kids (one 2 and 2 3 years only one is picky and has peanut allergies)

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          There are LOTS Of stalls to pick from, so no doubt you can get something that will work for the kids (Pizza, Kabob, Fish and Chips and also something for you guys...

          I did a seriest of reviews of most of the major stands here after the hounds did a pot luck there! :)



      2. I have had many meals at the Grove and Farmers market with kids and with a baby.
        Kids who are picky eaters, marmalade is friendly and has lots to choose from.
        Now, I don't love the food there so I stay away unless with a few kids btwn 2-6yrs old.
        My baby has had meals with me at the greek place and loved it! They treated him so well, all the girls flirting with him, giving him bread, giving me plates of vegis to feed him, etc...
        The french place in the farmers mkt (I wish I had the correct names of places right now but at work) anyhow, I have taken him there many times. When he was tiny, he sat in his stroller. Once even threw up formula all over and they were still so nice! They have lots for kids to eat and the food is way yummy for us grownups!
        More later, I must sign off.

        1. Maggiano's = big portions, kid friendly

          1. The poster mentioned "dinner" and the only reason I ever went to the Farmers Market was to eat brunch or lunch. Out of curiosity are most of the places at Farmers Market open for dinner?

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              YUP!! :)

              Monday-Friday, 9 am to 9 pm
              Saturday, 9 am to 8 pm
              Sunday, 10 am to 7 pm

              It's actually quite fun to have dinner there in the summer, they sometimes have bands and keroeke nights... :)


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                Thanks for the update...now I won't consider the Farmers Market only for brunch or lunch.
                Don't think "scare-araoke" is going to get me there though.

            2. The Farmer's Market (and most of its stalls) are open until 9 on weekdays (they bumped up their hours with the advent of the Grove a few years back). It's not quite as bustling and fun at night, but that could be a good thing, as the lines will be shorter as well.

              It works well for kids because it's not formal at all, and everyone can choose what they want to eat. There is a New Orleans/Cajun place (The Gumbo Pot), a couple pizza places, great Mexican food (Loteria), Singapore's Banana Leaf (I really like the mee goreng), a Korean BBQ place which is not bad, a Brazilian churrascaria (Pampas), a crepe place, Chinese food, barbecue, felafel/Middle Eastern food (Moishe's), and several others. One corner of the Market is devoted to a charming slightly-fancier French sit-down restaurant/wine bar (Monsieur Marcel), which has great ambiance and good food, but isn't quite as kid-friendly as the stands and common seating.

              1. There's always lots of kids in the Farmer's Market and Grove. My suggestion would be either be the family style dining atmosphere of Maggianos or staying at the end of the Farmer's Market near the Moishe's where the pizza place, the ice cream place, and a coffee stand are all within earshot.

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                  My kids and some others I know also like the meals (kids and otherwise) at The Farm of Beverly Hills in the Grove next to the movie theatres. And I find the food reasonable myself.

                  My first choice would be the Farmer's Market, but with young kids it might be a bit of a zoo and hard to eat and contain the kids at the same time -- depending on the kids.

                2. I have a 2 year old and go to the Grove/FM all the time.
                  I prefer restaurants with booths because it is easier to contain a roving child.

                  Our Fav is the back patio at Kokomo, but I have never been there for dinner- they have great breakfast and lunch!!!
                  Marmalade is kid friendly and has a wide ranging menu (in a cheesecake factory sort of way)
                  Wood Ranch BBQ is satisfactory and has yummy mashed sweet potatoes.

                  this is a great place for meeting people with toddlers, we love walking around the grove and watching the fish pond/fountains, playing on the grass, etc.


                  1. My son used to like the grilled cheese sandwich at DuPar's (near Gumbo Pot). There's a kid meal that's pretty cheap with drinks and a scoop of ice cream.

                    The kiddie menu at Wood Ranch is also good. DuPar and Wood Ranch are also a nicer sit down place than the farmer's market.

                    The thing I worry about is the peanut allergy though. I am not sure any stands/restaurants can guarantee a 'peanut free' cooking environment when they have peanuts as an ingredient for other dishes. Maybe pizza is a safer bet (at Farmer's Market).

                    1. I'd second all the Farmer's Market nods... depending on the kids, they'd either love the "pick your own" kind of dining, or it will be an unholy nightmare. Kokomo's has been on a hot streak for me lately for lunches - the salads have been coming out quite well. The back patio might be a great kid-friendly way to go.

                      Wood Ranch is a perpetual disappointment. I'm nearly crippled with mediocrity every time I've gone there.

                      On a different, and completely kid-unfriendly note, the bar at Morel's is becoming an awfully nice secret place to grab a drink and a couple of appetizers. Some of the bartenders there have a great hand with mixed drinks, and the wines by the glass haven't disappointed.