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Nov 8, 2006 09:46 PM

Red Mango Frozen Yogurt on Westwood Blvd.

For all you Pinkberry fans out there, I found a place that serves Red Mango frozen yogurt. People in L.A. might think that Pinkberry was the originator of the tart, not too sweet frozen yogurt fad but it was actually Red Mango that started it all in Korea. Pinkberry copied Red Mango. It's served at California Roll & Sushi located at 1834 Westwood Blvd. I was having lunch at Eduardo's next door when one of my friend's who wanted kappa maki rolls went next door to California Roll and they presented her w/ a coupon for free Red Mango yogurt. I must say it was a perfect end to tacos from Eduardos. They don't have green tea, they only have the plain yogurt and no toppings. The best thing about this place is no lines.

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  1. Thanks for the information - I stopped in and they are having a promotion right now - free single serving of Red Mango Yogurt. Staff member was very eager to give me a free sample and not have me pay so I don't even know how much it is regularly!

    "Wanna Bagel" on Overland and Jefferson is serving Fiore Italian Yogurt - taste like Red Mango and the original at Pinkberry.

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      Isn't Fiore another Pinkberry knockoff? They have a store in Little Tokyo and Ktown.

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        toppers on beverly sells a "gelato yogurt" that is a pinkberry knockoff. it mentions that it is a "new trend". :) it's not bad, but the fruit is not of the same quality if that was all you wanted.

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          Yep, but it's called "italian natural yogurt". It's now called "If". They now have four flavors: original and green tea, and they have added sour (the most similar to Pinkberry) and blackberry (some kind of berry, anyway.) It's lowfat (as opposed to nonfat like Pinkberry). It's pretty good.

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          fiore and pinkberry (or any other yogurt chain) does not even come close to red mango's taste.

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            1. i was at CA roll & sushi last night and really did not like the yogurt at all. if this is better than pinkberry's, i doubt i will even attempt to try the pinkberry version.

              to me, the red mango yogurt tasted like milk powder that curded a bit and was sour. typically, free food gets some props, but not in this case.

              however, the CA roll & sushi chirashi was pretty darn good!

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