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Nov 8, 2006 09:16 PM

Casual Lobster in and around Kittery, Maine, please

Looking for good lobster/seafood in and around Kittery, Maine.

Prefer my lobster pure and simple. Steamed with drawn butter. And if I've got to work to get to the meat, prefer a casual place where I can make a mess.

Also looking for good lobster roll in the area. Again, simplicity rules.

Oh, yeah, needs to still be open December 2.

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    1. re: whs

      I'll second this. It's one of our regular stops on the way to and from Portland. Friends have thanked me for sending them to Bob's.

      1. re: BostonZest

        I would be shocked if they didn't, but I didn't know Bob's sold steamed lobsters? I go there all the time for clams (get the Lilian), so I can't say that I ever looked for lobster on the menu?

        There is also Warren's Lobster House.

          1. re: humin

            Warren's is something of a local institution. If you want a lobster and an old school salad bar in a throwback 1960's atmosphere, this is your place.

      2. The Weathervane chain (there's one in Kittery)...does a fine job with lobster and steamed clams. Stay away from the Lobster Roll, and if you see anyone with a crab melt, throw it away before they take their 2nd bite...they'll thank you.

        1. Roberts Maine Grill, across Rte 1 from the Clam Hut. Same owner, great food, casual.

          1. Be aware that the Weathervane in Kittery is not part of the chain and is privately owned, probably paying a franchise fee for the name. Last I knew their menu was their own and not of the chain.

            Ditto Bob's, not a bad meal is to be had. If you go away hungry, someone stole your food.......joe

            1. MC Perkins cove in Ogunquit has a nice steamed lobster and will be open. We are going for lunch next week- only lobster roll on lunch menu but they said they will make steamed lobster at lunch if requested. Beautiful place with great view and casual.