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Casual Lobster in and around Kittery, Maine, please

Looking for good lobster/seafood in and around Kittery, Maine.

Prefer my lobster pure and simple. Steamed with drawn butter. And if I've got to work to get to the meat, prefer a casual place where I can make a mess.

Also looking for good lobster roll in the area. Again, simplicity rules.

Oh, yeah, needs to still be open December 2.

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    1. re: whs

      I'll second this. It's one of our regular stops on the way to and from Portland. Friends have thanked me for sending them to Bob's.


      1. re: BostonZest

        I would be shocked if they didn't, but I didn't know Bob's sold steamed lobsters? I go there all the time for clams (get the Lilian), so I can't say that I ever looked for lobster on the menu?

        There is also Warren's Lobster House. http://www.lobsterhouse.com/

          1. re: humin

            Warren's is something of a local institution. If you want a lobster and an old school salad bar in a throwback 1960's atmosphere, this is your place.

      2. The Weathervane chain (there's one in Kittery)...does a fine job with lobster and steamed clams. Stay away from the Lobster Roll, and if you see anyone with a crab melt, throw it away before they take their 2nd bite...they'll thank you.

        1. Roberts Maine Grill, across Rte 1 from the Clam Hut. Same owner, great food, casual.

          1. Be aware that the Weathervane in Kittery is not part of the chain and is privately owned, probably paying a franchise fee for the name. Last I knew their menu was their own and not of the chain.

            Ditto Bob's, not a bad meal is to be had. If you go away hungry, someone stole your food.......joe

            1. MC Perkins cove in Ogunquit has a nice steamed lobster and will be open. We are going for lunch next week- only lobster roll on lunch menu but they said they will make steamed lobster at lunch if requested. Beautiful place with great view and casual.

              1. Cape Neddick Lobster Pound is a nice place. The prices are a bit higher than some others, but the place has a nice, comfortable atmosphere and is a great place to bring the family. It's not your average "lobster shack" but has large windows, a great view of the ocean. The bridge nearby is under construction right now, so you should follow the signs (a detour of sorts) to get there.

                This time of year, it's not as crowded as it is during the summer. I went there on the 12th of November and the food was still wonderful.

                1. Forgot about Cape Neddick Lobster Pound. Nice choice, not too fancy, not a shack, variety on the menu.