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Nov 8, 2006 09:09 PM

Taza chocolate lounge @ Mariposa, Thursdays 7:30-11:30 pm

I got this link emaled to me today. Thought some folks here might be interested so thought I'd pass it along.

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  1. Pat Hammond tipped me off about this place a couple of weeks ago. Here's my cursory experience:

    Has anyone gotten their chocs at the Harvard University Market?

    1. I've tried their chocolate-covered cacao nibs and the roasted cacao beans. The choc-covered nibs are nice; the beans (which of course have the nibs inside; supposedly you can eat the outer covering as well, but it tastes like cardboard to me) were surprisingly awesome. I expected them to be as bitter as eating unsweetened chocolate or cocoa powder, but they're much more interesting than that -- very pure chocolate flavor, without any sweetening, but also without major bitterness. Interesting texture as well -- they look like little pebbles of slate, and at first they feel that way too, but then you crunch down and they dissolve away nicely.

      When I saw them at the farmer's market (a really good market, by the way -- now closed for the season, but definitely worth visiting next year) they had the nibs and beans, two varieties of ground drinking chocolate ("mexican" and "parisian", both of which smelled good) but no bars yet. They said they were working on those but they weren't quite up to their standards yet. I'm psyched to try them when they are.

      1. Limster, I completely missed your review first time around - thanks. I am curious to try a variety from the Antilles, called "Trinitero" that is supposed to be especially spicy. Will have to check out the lounge to see if it's offered.