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Nov 8, 2006 08:42 PM

vegetarian wife having trouble in Puerto Vallarta

We have found the wonderful veg restaurant on the stairs near the cathedral and 100%Natural near the Sheraton.

But that ́s it - we have run out. Does anybody know any other good veg places or even meat places with some good veg dishes.


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  1. Is chicken broth out for her? If so she will have a hard time. Other than that... the vast majority of eateries in Mexico have enough non-meat dishes to get by.

    You can try any of the following:

    Marina Vallarta

    > Tribu
    > Nikki Beach
    > Suzie Wong's
    > Porto Bello


    > No Name Cafe
    > Agave Grill
    > BarCelona Tapas
    > Cafe des Artistes
    > Carlos O'Brians
    > De Santos
    > La Bodeguita del Medio
    > La Dolce Vita
    > Los Xitomates
    > Viejo Vallarta