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Indian in Brooklyn Heights

I've got a craving for Indian tonight but was just planning on ordering in from a local place.

Does anyone have any recent experience with Curry Leaf on Remsen or Dhaka on Atlantic?

I'm obviously not shooting for the meal of a lifetime but if I'm better off fighting the craving, I'd like to know. Thanks

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  1. So long as you're resigned to mediocrity, I'd go for the average food at Curry Leaf rather than the flavorless food at Dhaka. Curry Leaf is not the best Indian food in the City by far, but it has been known to satisfy the occasional craving. Note, the dinner special gives you quite a bit of food at a very fair price.

    1. Curry Leaf is the best in the neighborhood, for certain. I don't like Amin at all, and think that Dhaka is lifeless. Same ownership as Kalusytan's grocery in Manhattan, and it shows in the quality of the ingredients. Delivery works well - while not super speedy, every order I've ever made has arrived correctly. Give it a try. Hope you like it.

      1. The last two meals I ate from Curry Leaf were notably worse than they have been in the past. The quality at their Manhattan restaurant appears to have taken a similar downturn. (http://www.chowhound.com/topics/347678) It would be a shame to lose the only decent Indian food in the Heights. Has anyone noticed a similar decline in quality, or have my last couple of meals been an aberration?

        1. I was there on Friday night with a small group, so we were able to try a great many things. We had a fine meal. Unlike the other Indian restaurants in the neighborhood, each of the dishes have distinct flavors, and the sauces, meats and vegetables don't all meld together into a single blur. Breads, etc were hot and fresh. Service was fine, but it should have been since the restaurant wasn't crowded. Maybe I'm lucky, but I go regularly and have yet to be disappointed.

          1. I've ordered from Dhaka before, it was pretty mediocre, but I ordered a second time because I was hungry for more indian food and this time, I mentioned that I wanted very spicy food and not to 'Americanize' the seasoning. My nose was running as I ate it, but it was great! Raga on Smith was slightly below avg., and it took them a really long time to make the food. I called ahead to order, and got there even a few minutes after they said it would be ready, I ended up waiting about 20 minutes inside. Disappointing.

            1. I ordered twice from Dhaka. The first time it was pretty awful, but seeing how it was soon after they opened we gave them another shot. Yikes. The second time I took a few bites and just threw everything away. It was oh so bad.

              Stay far far away from this place. I have had good luck with Curry Leaf, but have not ordered in a few months.....

              1. This is one of those quizzes where, unfortunately, the answer is "none of the above". There are 3-4 places on Smith St, 1 on Atlantic, 2 in the Heights and 0 worth ordering from or eating at. Curry Leaf was the only thing even close to edible (from what I heard, since I myself stayed away after an inedible delivery and regular walk bys where no one was inside eating) and now many are reporting its decline.

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                  I agree with that, Indian in Brownstone brooklyn is pretty bad. Many years ago, before children, I used to eat at the small Indian place at the corner of Court and Atlantic, next to the bad Mexican. It was one of the few places that existed then. I have fond memories of it, but not a desitination spot. Always got the lunch or dinner special, and it was somthing like 6 dollars then. I think its still there.....

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                    aaarggh! I forgot about that one. Shoot me if I ever think about going there.

                    I wonder how Kinara is doing in Ft. Greene?

                2. Just went to Curry Leaf yesterday for their lunch buffet. Used to really like their chicken tikka masala- but yesterday it was dried out, too fatty, and had some bones in it!? Maybe it was mediocre because they were mass producing it for the buffet? Noentheless- it was a big disappointment- used to think they had some very good dishes there.

                  I would reccomend staying away from both Dhaka and Amin- they're both pretty awful.

                  1. I like Raga. They are slow but they are the best in the bad bunch. When I ordered from Dhaka and that other place on smith in CH it was like eating oily brown paper. I only order the vegetarian stuff so I cant vouch for any meat. Its not like the places I was used to in NJ but for now it will do.

                    1. Bombay Dream on Smith and DeGraw has a decent Vindaloo. It's certainly nothing to write home about, but it'll do when the craving hits.

                      1. Ahh Bombay Dream that is the worst one but again I dont eat meat I can only comment on the veg dishes.

                        1. I used to go to Bombay Dream pretty regularly after Baluchis closed. There was never anyone in there (I think that says a lot). I liked the puri and also they have an onion and lamb dish that is pretty good. Other than that...pretty mediocre and or bad. We used to go for half off lunch, but then the guy got all shady with it. All of a sudden half the dishes were no longer half off. Havent been back since.

                          1. Two words about Bombay Dream
                            Rusty Rivers.