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Hip, good restaurant in LES

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Best suggestions for a place to take some out of town hipster, foodies? thanks.

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  1. Little Giant on Orchard and Broome! They have a weekly special called "swine of the week". now, that has foodie and hipster appeal. lovely small room, nice tangerine and beige/wood interior.

    On the same corner, Barrio Chino. Good upscale mexican food, super margaritas. dark and sultry room.

      1. I've heard great things about Cube 63 for sushi. It's BYO which might not be what you're looking for, but keeps the price down.

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          it keeps the liquor price down, but the sushi is fairly expensive. i'm not a huge fan, as i find the rolls and presentation overly fussy while the quality of the fish is pretty ordinary. my best friend, however, loves it and it's definitely always busy.

          it might be worth stopping by les enfants terribles on orchard and canal for a drink, at least, and a perusal of the menu.

        2. How about Tides for seafood combined with drinks at the Back Room? I recommend the bouillabaisse at Tides if they have it. The Back Room is a hidden bar just next door to Tides that might impress out-of-town hipsters. Just go down through the gate that says Lower East Side Toy Company.

          1. 'ino - good tapas-sized Italian dishes, try the egg-and-truffle toast, plus the good Italian wine list.

            1. Freemans followed by drinks at milk and honey...so hipster they might kill themselves.

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                sam1: funny you should mention M&H. I had the # back in January; haven't been since. It's been changed. Have the new #?

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                  When you call the old number, they give you the new number on the voicemail.

                  I will say that I went for the first time in about a year recently and it's a bit of a joke these days. People who come in fall over themselves trying to be cool.

              2. Falai (regular & bakery)
                The Tasting Room

                1. I second bouillabaisse at Tides which is excellent. I also like Chubo, a lovely little French-Asian fusion joint. I've heard good things about Alias too.

                  1. prune.

                    small, very cozy, great food - simple preparations of fantastic ingredients.