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Nov 8, 2006 08:16 PM

Pizza in Bethesda

What is the name of the new pizza place in Bethesda, named after the chef's daughter? Mia's? Reviews?

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  1. My husband and I have been there four times now, and it's been excellent each time. I'd read about it for months before and was anticipating something good- the owner is a former executive chef at Pizzeria Paradiso. We went for the first time about a week after it opened, on a Tuesday evening. We were welcomed warmly into the lovely space- very warm with lots of wood, high ceilings, the now-traditional open kitchen and view of wood-burning oven. Our waiter was very friendly, and Mia (Melissa), the owner, talked to us a few times. Food is delicious- great chewy yet light crust pizza, flavorful toppings applied in the right combinations, and great fresh salads and garlic rolls. The wine list is small but well-selected and we got a complimentary cupcake-yummy.
    We also went with a large group of my family members- 10 in all- including my 90-year old grandmother. The staff was very accomodating- no reservations, but they had a table ready for us, and all involved loved the experience. The noise level that night was pretty high- Saturday evening, very full and with a party of 12-year old girls.
    I suggest going on a weekday evening- the service is fantastic at any time, but it's much quieter then.

    1. I think this place is a nice addition to the Cordell street restaurants and serves excellent light crust pizza. The Chef/owner lady is very charming and the staff very accommodating. I only hope that this one stays here because it has been an endless opening and closing spot for three restaurants in three years.

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        I'll have to check it out! Of course it opens just as my office moves away from there, but it sounds great. And yeah, that spot has been a revolving door of restaurants. :)

      2. Do they sell slices, or is a resturant type pizza place?

        1. Went to Mia's last night. I agree that the owner and staff were friendly, engaging, and knowlegable. The space was nice both warm and bright. The wine list very reasonable and many wines by the glass. First course, we had marinated olives and 3 mini calzones. The olives were ok but for the $4 I will go to 2 Amys and get their oven roasted olives any day. This was more like an amusee bouche. The calzones had a great bready crust. There were 3 kinds basil ricotta- this was bland and you couldn't taste the basil, salami, olive, and something my boyfriend said this one was ok, and a smoked gouda carmelized onion one-delicious. These were served with a marinara sauce that tasted oddly like celery (mistake?). Our pizzas came out and I got an arribata (sp) and the other was a standard with olives and mushrooms. The arribata had cherry tomatoes and broccoli raab on it. Unfortuantely, the broccoli raab did not taste like it should. It was overcooked and bland. The mushrooms on the other pizza (portobellos) were put on raw and were not flavorful. Both the pizzas were missing salt. I will say the crust was crackly and nice. The bill was small and the food was OK. I would realy have liked it if the toppings were better prepared. All in all this is a nice addition to this strip of restaurants in Bethesda.