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If you were given a gift certificate for dinner as a gift, where would it be to?

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  • Diana Nov 8, 2006 08:15 PM
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So my Husband has asked if there are any places I would like to go for a nice meal (dinner/brunch) as a gift for Christmas. Keeping in mind I am allergic to nuts, oysters, calms,and mussels-what suggestions do you have?

I was thinking Spago, Providence, ocean Seafood,Chez Mimi, Inn of the Seventh, Asanebo..but I'm not sure-I would love suggestions of any good place in the LA, Pasadena, San Gabriel, SFV area.

I love pretty much anything without the food I am allergic to..any style, regions, ethnic origin.



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  1. I think of gift certificates as opportunities to try places that I have never--and might never otherwise--go. So, twere it me, I'd be choosing something like Providence. Providence sounds like somewhere I'd like, but it is a bit spendy and not particularly convenient for weeknight dining for me. Those factors make it a perfect gift certificate destination for me... with your food restrictions, things might be a bit tougher, but any place worth its salt should be able to work around those issues and should be able to do so with aplomb.

    1. how about saddle peak lodge?

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        saddle peak lodge is a great suggestion...hard to top it.

        1. re: cplourde

          Does anyone know what the tasting menu option is like at Saddle Peak?

          It just says $70 for food and $90 for food+3 oz. wine pairings, but says nothing about how many courses, etc.

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            It varies -- esp. now with the new chef.

            Executive Chef Steven Rojas: 818-222-3891

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              Thanks! Didn't know about the new chef. Maybe that's they they're not posting it.

          2. re: cplourde

            oohh yes, I agree, Saddlepeak is great......sounds like you would not be into Urasawa, which would have been by first suggestion.

            1. re: budlit

              why not Urasawa? I love good sashimi...for those prices, I'm sure an informed chef would do omakase without potentially deadly allergen loaded items-Providence did. The chef came out to double check.

              I do like Saddle Peak, though.

              1. re: Diana

                I would choose Urasawa. But Spago is also an excellent choice. I still want to try Providence though.

                1. re: Diana

                  Urasawa! Hiro-san will do anything you want. A Christmas you will never forget!


          3. if you get a GC with any one of the Smith Brother's restaurants, they are able to use it at ANY one of the locations:

            Parkway Grill
            Arroyo Chop House
            Crocodile Cafe

            1. Don't know about the receiving end, but I'm more likely to buy one if I can get them discounted.

              1. I would love to receive a gift certificate for dinner at The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton Huntington Hotel (Pasadena area):