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Nov 8, 2006 07:46 PM

Japanese teppanyaki-Hibachi in nyc

can anyone help me find a place in New york city not the outer bouroughs:( that will cook in front of you like Benihana( want some place new)THANKS!

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  1. Sadly, I have searched long and hard for one in Manhattan and always end up with the same dried-out chicken terryaki and lame "onion volcano" at Benihana when I need my Hibachi fix. I've always said that its either its a tremendously low-margin and unpopular cuisine style, or a fantastic business opportunity for a nice mid-range Hibachi operation in Manhattan.

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      Thanks! The guy i am meeting is looking for that kind of meal. Maybe i should go Korean instead? Any great ones that you know you can cook in front of you

      1. re: Hillary32

        You could go for Korean BBQ (check out other threads as I'm no aficionado on that subject). I also really enjoy a place called Gyu Kaku in the East Village area (Cooper Square) at which I've had some great dinners.

    2. I wouldn't bring a date there unless it was our 6-7th+ date. But, I wouldn't bring a date to any place where you cook your own food in front of you maybe I'm not the best source. Good luck!

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        Yeah i normally woudln't either. But once in a while you meet a good person who has a good way of making you feel comfortable:)
        Thanks again!

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          id highly recommend yakiniku juju. i think it's on 28th or 27th street between lex and third. it's japanese bbq that you cook on a gas grill in front of you. it's a very small space so it's pretty intimate, the food is pretty good (you can do bbq, sukiyaki or shabu shabu) and the waitstaff, although a little slow, is very nice. i've taken then girlfriend (now fiance) there many times and we've always had fun.

      2. The only good Hibachi I've ever had in NYC is this place Arirang in deep Brooklyn.

        1. I totally support Gyu Kaku. I'm female and am obsessed with that place, especially the Sho-Gun special (a full menu for 6 people). And I like the decor. If she doesn't like it, it might be a strike -- against her, not the restaurant.

          1. There's a place in Brooklyn, I think it's on 5th Ave near 1st St. It's your typical hibachi place, but I've always enjoyed the food and had a good time there... good luck!