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Nov 8, 2006 07:22 PM

returning to boston with our appetites and an infant...

hello all..

former chowhounds from Boston, returning for a weekend trip after being gone for close to 5 years...we've been living in a fairly desolate area of connecticut when it comes to good eats...

only issue is, is that we will be travelling with our 8 month old daughter...she is well behaved and USUALLY will nap in her stroller or carseat when we go out to dinner...

what restauarnts will be cool with us bring in our stroller and/or car seat..i am sure many of the standard chains wont mind, but thats not why we eat in boston..!!

lunch shouldnt be much of a problem, looking forward to trying netune's lobster roll, or cardullo's "donald" or a trip back to the Parish (still good??) or maybe over to Hi-Rise in Cambride depending on the time...maybe breakfast on sunday for that trip...

Chowder..need a the chowderfest award winner "ned devine's " really that good, or should we head to Sail Loft, and old old fav for chowdah..any other thoughts...?

lots of questions..thanks for the help


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  1. If you're going to be in that neck of Cambridge with a young child, you should check out Full Moon (also on Huron Ave). The food is good and your babe will be in very good company. It's the most kid friendly non-chain I've been to in Boston.

    Another good bet is almost any restaurant run by Asians or Latin Americans. Those cultures have a wonderful attitude towards children, and we've never been given any evil eyes when we've arrived with our little one.

    Good luck and enjoy!

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    1. re: powella

      I disagree with the Full Moon rec. It's a good choice with a toddler, but with an 8-month-old I'd skip it. You'll just end up eating an ok meal with a bunch of other people's kids running around.

    2. Dim Sum at any of the places in Chinatown is totally infant friendly.

      Another casual place with interesting food with a baby is "Brookline Family Restaurant" - it's actually a wonderful Turkish resto on Washington St just past the "V" with Harvard St (nearest T = Brookline Village) Nothing fancy about the decor, but the servers are nice and it's totally family-friendly. The food is yummy and the menu extensive.

      Chef Chang's House in Coolige Corner has divine Peking duck and is also very kid-friendly. Bring some friends there if you can, but you can also order a half duck.

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      1. re: jcanncuk

        chef chang's was my regular chinese when i lived in the vietnamese place across the street still there?

        how's washington square tavern been? i know its not kid friendly but was my old hangout, meet-up place..Jerry was a great host...

        1. re: fenway68

          Actually, WST is kid-friendly in the early hours of the night. I have friends with an 11 month old and he regularly joins them when they eat there - just get there on the early side and you'll probably find a few tables with infants.

          1. re: fenway68

            Yes, the Vietnamese place is still there (Pho Lemongrass). Also right there is Khao Sarn (new in the last 5 years, I think), which is really good Thai. I don't know if a stroller would fit, but I have seen babies there (in those carrier things).

            1. re: cmd

              I think Chef Chang's House (1006 Beacon - near St. Mary's T stop) and Chef Chow's House (on Harvard) are being confused. Pho Lemongrass and Khao Sarn are on Harvard, but I don't know of any Vietnamese across from Chef Chang's House on Beacon (there is a Korean restaurant and Tapas restaurant across Beacon) though there is a good French-Cambodian restaurant (Elephant walk) a block away.

              1. re: maviris

                Oops, you're right. I saw "in Coolidge Corner" and didn't read past "chef" :). They do have peking duck, and I liked it fine, but it's not the one people talk about (the other Chef C, down at St. Mary's).

        2. If you're thinking of going to Chef Chows I would drive the extra half mile and go to Sichuan Garden in the village. So much better than either and baby friendly to boot.

          1. Neptune's and Parish have both been very accomodating to our child, and are on my list of "infant friendly" establishments. As for the Sail Loft, I don't know which branch you were planning to go to, but the Cambridge one has closed since you lived in the area...

            1. yes, chef chows..right..harvard street was the one i went to, and pho lemongrass...yep thats the name..

              as for sail loft, i used to frequent the one on the waterfront and only went to the one in Cambridge once, it wasnt the same...i liked the late 70's restaurant retro nautical design ambiance they had....

              good to hear about neptune and Parish..

              keep the thught coming...