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Source for Ghee in Center City?

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Hi - does anyone know where I can purchase ghee (aka clarified butter) in center city? I know of a source online but wow, is it expensive. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. ghee is available at the whole foods off of the parkway... i am not sure about how the price compares to your online source. you can call and ask before you head over there.

    1. Whole foods on 10th and South has Purity Farms ghee. Not sure if its real ghee or just clarified butter. There's always the two indian markets at 42nd and chestnut and 42nd and walnut.

      1. International Foods and Spices on 42nd and Walnut carries ghee

        1. Essene at 4th and Bainbridge probably carries it.
          When you learn how to make it yourself, you will not think of buying it elsewhere - just gently heat UNSALTED butter in a sauce pan, and in short, skim off the resulting white foam and solids until left with a clear golden liquid, filter the remaining clear golden liquid through a strainer into a glass container. That's a short description of the process. It's easy and inexpensive to do.

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            Eat the solids!!!!! Brown them and garnish Indian rice with them, hyper delicious. I was taught to let the butter gently cook after it melts for about an hour so it turns LIGHT brown. Keep your eyes on it! This gives it even more flavor.Ghee lasts forever in a jar in the fridge.Your own home made from good quality butter is FAR superior (not to mention fresher) than any you will buy.Clarified butter (butter with solids removed) is also very good for frying because it can be heated to high temps(no solids left to burn) and it imparts the most delicious flavor.

          2. Thanks for the suggestions. Now I think I will make it myself. My grandmother did it all the time and your description, FelafelBoy, makes it sound easy. Thanks, too, missclaudy, for the additional suggestions. I will be using this to make my grandmother's cookie recipe for mamoul, a Middle Eastern cookie. I grew up eating them and since she passed away many years ago I have been missing them greatly.

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              I love mamoul, what country was your granny from? When my daughter lived in Astoria, Queens, I bought them at fresh Laziza bakery all the time.You should absolutely check this place out next time you are in NYC. Worth the trip,the family has been making sweets for many generations.I believe they are Syrian.You can google Laziza Bakery.

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                Thanks for the bakery tip! I will definitely check it out. My grandparents on my dad's side were from Syria. Good food, for sure.

            2. Interesting thread about ghee right now on egullet's Indian message board. Seems there's a distinction btwn ghee you cook with and high end ghee. Ghee made from muenster cheese oil and ghee made from cultured butter...

              1. You can buy culturedbutter from the amish dairy stand in the RTM. It makes a more flavorful ghee.

                1. didn't find cultured butter at any of the amish places. Found "tub butter" (salted) at Hatfield Farms and "rolled butter" at Esh Egg Farms. Fair Food carries cultured butter but they were out of it.

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                    New England Dairy makes cultured butter. I bet you can get it at Whole Paycheck.

                  2. heh, Whole Paycheck. Hadn't heard that one before. I just try to stay away from their "conventional" produce, because that's where the absurd markups are ($7 a lb for ginger??? $1.50 per plum???). But, I looked there already repeatedly and found nothing. I'll be at Fairway and Zabars this coming weekend so I'll stock up. Found Yorkshire Gold at International Foods for like $5, about half the price as Old City Gourmet. Also Jeera Goli, which are "cumin candy" made with black salt. Totally disgusting and compelling.

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                      The term "conventional" means what? It means, friends, that the produce without "organic" labels is actually grown on factory farms with tons of chemicals. There is no reason to over pay for it at Whole Foods. You can buy it anywhere. Support your local green grocer!

                      I'm going to Fairway this weekend too. Look for the vacumn packed, cooked peeled beets from France. CHEAP and so great to have them all ready to go if you love them. Love em' with lemon squeezed over them. No kidding,I'm going to give them to everone for Chanukah and Xmas.

                      Can't wait to get my hands on Jeera Goli, I love black salt. SC, you are a fine food detective !

                    2. Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you. Totally disgusting isn't usually a sales pitch. I'll look for those beets, altho the only way I can usually bear them is julienned and sugar-glazed. I'll be looking for the french raisins that I found in the red hook fairway but never saw in the upper west side one. Also those sweet hot madagascar peppers that they sell for $5 a lb that dibrunos has for like $10 a lb. And cote d'or chocolate, and those vaccuum packed gnocchi, and ... maybe they'll expand to philadelphia? Ohh and maybe they have Vermont Shepherd and