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Nov 8, 2006 06:35 PM

Zoe's in Somerville

I went to Zoe's on Beacon Street in Somerville today for lunch. I got a luncheon special that included; wonton soup, vegetable fried rice, a chicken wing and sliced beef with vegetables. The luncheon special was $4.95. Everything was very good and fresh. The sliced beef was tender and very tasty. I also liked the vegetable fried rice that had peas, corn, mushrooms, onions and pieces of scrambled egg. I had never heard of Zoe's until I read several reviews from other Chowhounds. Does anyone have any favorite dishes from Zoe's?

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  1. Lamb with cumin, Tea-smoked duck, Sichauan Steamed Spicy Dumplings and Scallion Pancakes (Dumplings and pancakes can be inconsistent, but are usually quite good).

    1. Frozen tofu with mushrooms, scallion pancakes, tripe with cilantro. I've never had a good batch of Sichuan (red-oil) dumplings there.