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Nov 8, 2006 06:31 PM

about how long can i keep homemade pesto in the fridge?

ive had mine in there for almost 3 weeks now i think and i'm thinking i should chuck it...i guess i shouldve frozen some since a little goes a long way. tia

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  1. It gets black (oxidized), but I have kept pesto in the fridge longer than 3 weeks. I say if it still tastes like pesto, eat it. I do freeze some, however, when the giant basil "bushes" are harvested !

    1. If you float some oil on top, it can keep for longer than that.

      1. I bought a jar of Costco basil/pine nut/parmesan cheese pesto 6 months ago. It's still looking good - bright green, and tasting fine. I want to call in a reporter from the Chronicle or something...but, go figure. The only chemical is citric acid.

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        1. Since you mentioned quantity, my mother in law freezes it an ice cube tray so she can thaw exactly what she needs.

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            At the end of basil sason I make seven or eight double batches, without the cheese, then freeze them in ice cubes trays. When they're frozen I pop them out and store them in a freezer bag. They last at least until next basil season. One cube is enough for 1 -1 1/2 servings. I nuke-defrost each cube for about 15 seconds then grate in the cheese. Works like a dream.

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              Any reason you don't add the cheese before freezing? Would it be okay to add make it like normal then freeze?

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                Some people do, some don't. I've done it both ways and haven't noticed a difference in either flavor or texture.

                It's possible that some people don't add the cheese because they equate what happens to a block of parmesan in the freezer (gets a bit crumbly, loses aroma) with what will happen to the parmesan in the pesto. Again, that hasn't been my experience, but maybe someone with more knowledge than me can give you a better answer.

          2. that is so rad - pesto ice cubes! thanks for all your replies