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Nov 8, 2006 06:14 PM

Disappointing pumpkin soup!

I roasted a pumkpin for an easy pumpkin using just sauteed onions, chicken broth, half & half and spices. Had one bowl and I am so done with it. What can I do with the leftover tub o' soup short of dumping it?

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  1. Freezing it and eating it another time.. Or if its disappointing whats wrong with it.

    1. Which spices did you use? Nutmeg or ginger (but NOT both together) might perk it up.

      Also, I sometimes use dried cranberries as a garnish to my betternut squash soup. They sink, but they taste good with the soup. Crystalized ginger would be good too. Or some chives.

      1. Very curious: Why not nutmeg and ginger together?

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        1. re: dukegirl

          I don't like the combo. Do other people like them together?

            1. re: SuzMiCo

              I do, unless they are used to excess.

          1. ginger, and/or something with heat like a habanero pepper

            I just got done posting a pumpkin/tomato/hab soup at the bottom of this thread

            or how about cooking a can of roasted tomato and more onion to perk it up?
            and then there's salt . . .

            1. I find that with butternut and pumpkin soups I get bored of the texture pretty quickly. You might try freezing it and then serving it in smaller quantities or adding something to change the texture like a toast with goat cheese, crisp bacon, or some quick sauteed greens. A little cayanne pepper might help you out as well.

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                I agree with the texture comment. I love adding roasted corn to pumpkin soup, or just not puréeing it entirely smooth.