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Nov 8, 2006 06:10 PM

Best Restaurant to celebrate a romantic birthday

We will be in the quarter for the first weekend in December to celebrate my birthday. We would like the nicest and best restaurant to have a 4 star dinner. We do not mind taking a cab out of the quarter in search of the best food. If there is a fine restaurant with a tasting menu that would even be better. What are your opinions on what one restaurant you would choose, and what the best dishes they serve are? Thanks so much for your help : )

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  1. Galatoire's in the quarter or Bayona, Peristyle would be tops........if not then go to the CBD and go to Emeril's or Delmonico's. Bon Appetite........

    1. I would celebrate my b/d at Emeril's if I had a choice. I did that two years ago on my 60th. Delmonico's would be my next choice. I like to celebrate b/d's or anniversarys at either one as the service is outstanding and they both take into consideration the event. Ask for Saleem at Delmonico's. He's GM. Bayona is good as well as Peristyle but neither turn me on for celebration events. Galatoire's does but I seem to enjoy lunch there more often than dinner. Bon Appetit.

      1. I find the atmosphere at Bayona to be romantic, given that it is a french quarter house with good, but not overly formal service. Next on my list would be August -- better food but a bit more formal in terms of service and decor. Next would be Stella; great food, neat French Quarter location. But the last time I was there was somewhat disappointing because of the other patrons. Some were in jeans and tee shirts, and others were better dressed, but not by much. While it is perhaps unfair to fault a restaurant for that issue, it is something we think of when looking for a romantic place.

        1. I just went to Cuvee for my birthday; we did the tasting menu and I was pretty darn pleased with the whole experience. My favorite thing was the "bacon and eggs", but the pumpkin pie soup was right up there. Oh yeah, and the scallops. Everything was good.

          I agree with the above post, Stella is fantastic, when I was there I think they had a lobster tasting menu going. It looked divine. I haven't been to August lately, but my darling husband went for his brother's birthday a few months ago, and has really been talking it up. And Bayona is always good.

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            I have looked up all of these restaurants, and it looks like Cuvee or Stella would do the trick. If you had to pick, which one would you choose?

            1. re: gdleahy72

              It's like asking me to choose among my children! If I had any.

              It's tough, but I think I'd choose Stella!. The atmospheres are very similar. Cuvee is excellent, but Stella's food was epiphanic. We didn't have any obnoxious people dining around us when we went, but I think you can get unlucky in that respect at any restaurant.

              I really like Arnaud's, too (agreeing w/ the below post), but it's an entirely different kind of food. I love the French 75 bar.

          2. My wife and I get down to New Orleans at least once a year and no matter what we have planned, we always make it a point to have a romantic dinner at Arnaud's. The service is great and always attentive and helpful. The food is always excellent. We love the escargot, oysters, speckled trout and gulf snapper.
            Have a couple of cocktails at French 75 Bar. If Tito is bartending, tell him Michelle and Fred from New Jersey sent you.
            Give it a try, I think you'll enjoy.